Friday, June 05, 2009

Bloggers...Add Email subscription form to blogger

Howdee all,

I have a wish...and it is a selfish wish.

But I think it will also be a benefit to bloggers.

I would like bloggers to use three different ways to subscribe to their blog.

If you check out my the sidebar to the right I have a few ways to subscribe to my blog.

One is to be a follow my blog via blogger.
Another is to subscribe with a google, yahoo..etc.
and another is Email Subscription.

I think all three are important.
What I find is that most blogs leave out Email subscriptions.
My mother and other friends and family prefer the email it is a reminder that I have made a new post.

Here comes the selfish part..
I don't like using google reader or other readers...They just dont seem to work for me.

As you see I have a blogroll that if you roll it out can go across the USA..ok I exaggerate..but you get the idea..

I have tried to organize my blogs according to type and area...but still I miss posts from my favorite blogs.

So....I think I may have a solution...

I created an email address just for blog updates..
I will subscribe just to blogs with this email address.
When the blogs have a new post, I will be emailed.
Emails are in chronological I can read according to date.
I click on the email..go to the blog and read.
I am using it now for a few blogs that have this capability. and I like the way it is working for me.

So........ i am wishing
that some of you will add this to your blog.

I am adding a few links here that will help you do this.
You first need to set up a feedburner account.

Picture tutorial on setting up Feedburner for Blogger

How to start a feedburner account and add to your blogger blog.

How to add feedburner to Wordpress blog

then set up the email capabilty and add to your blog

How to add email subscription form to your blog

Another site on how to add subscription form to your blog.

If you would like the emails only to include a teaser of your blog...
Go to feedburner...Optimize tab...then lower left hand side click summary burner..
Your subscriber will be directed to your original blog post.

If any of you do this...let me know..I will subscribe via email!

I am wishing
and hoping............


  1. Just for you - I just added this to my blog. (Now if I see my hit count going down, I'll know who to blame!)

  2. Christopher..
    there is an option in feedburner..where just a tease of the post is put in the email and not the whole feed.
    So it makes the subscriber go to the original blog post to read more.

  3. Hi Dawn,

    I used to have feedburner on my blog and I also subscribed to it on a couple blogs but it took so long for me to receive the emails about new posts that I ditched it.
    Hopefully things have changed.

    Personally I like Google Reader and use it all the time. So far it's my favorite way to look at new posts.

    However, I'll re-add feedburner just for you ; )


  4. You lost me at hello.. LOL

  5. Gee. I love the reader.

    I never did - and still don't - understand just what "subscribing" means, so I don't guess I'll be doing that. Sorry.

    Know what you mean about having so many blogs I want to read I can't possibly get to all of them all the time. There are so many good people out there, and they are so intersting!

  6. I use Bloglines and love it. It has been very reliable, and you can easily add their "Sub with Bloglines" to your bookmarks toolbar so that if you are on a site you want to add to your feeds, you simply click it. I've found it to be the easiest for me by far. I have a separate bookmark for "Bloglines/My feeds" and simply click on it each day to see all the updated feeds to visit.

  7. I've used feedburner for years and love it. I like giving the reader a choice of how to get their information - I may think Google Reader is the cat's pajamas, but that doesn't mean it works just as well for everyone.

    The one thing I can't do is that blogger "follow" option. Wordpress blogger here ...

  8. A New England Life
    Thanks for adding it! you are sweet!
    I really dont care for google this far works for me. And the email updates can be controlled by the blog owner..according to time and date.

    LOL..i never did say hello, sicksta!

    Dont worry Bobbie..I know everyone wont be adding it...and for some it is a bit confusing..
    thats ok..I will still visit...and if someone visits my also reminds me to go visit theirs...

    I didnt know about bloglines..but I am going to try it out to see what its all about..
    Thanks for letting me know about it..
    I will let you know how I like it!

    Yes I noticed you were one of the few blogs that had all of the above..minus the blogger follower gadget ..because you use wordpress..
    thanks...I subscribed as soon as I saw you had it..
    I know some people love google reader....oh well..
    I am also going to try bloglines as Jayne suggested to see if I like that better.

  9. Dawn, I can't figure out where to find a list of blogs/feeds I'm subscribing too. Any help?

    The whole 'feed' jargin has me in a bit of a funk. Most of what they're saying I don't understand, but I'm trying!


  10. Dawn, Dawn, Dawn...I am lost in cyberspaciness! I realize that you have tried to do everything except push the buttons for me but it may not be enough. (sigh)

    See if what I did was what you meant, please. (Follow that sentence?)

    I still have to learn how to add my e-mail address, allow folks to make the pictures larger...I'm hopeless, hopeless! How did you LEARN all that stuff?!

  11. A New England Life
    I will try and help your..but I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do..
    why are you trying to find a list of all the blogs feeds that you subscribe to?

    Yahooo...You did it! I will help you with all the other things you need help with..clicking on photos to be enlarged...add email address..
    Hey you did is not sooo easy for most people..
    thanks so much..
    I really appreciate it.
    I am now subscribed to your hysterical blog....

  12. ...thanks for lighting a fire under me! I added the email subscription link from FeedBurner. Is it working? I haven't tested it out yet...

  13. Kelly,
    I tested it and it works! I am now subscribed to your blog via email.

    Thanks everyone for doing this..I hope you find it useful for others...not just little ole me!

  14. Hi, on my usual hurrying checking out blogs today and I'll come back and reread this so I understand exactly what to do.

  15. Sandy,
    Hi..nice to see you..I know what u mean about hurrying to read blogs..I do the same thing...
    thanks for stopping by.

  16. Thanks,for the tips.
    I will subscribe right after commenting because i like your posts very much with beautiful pictures.
    Keep up your good work.

  17. Thanks for pushing this! I set it up and it seems to actually work; except now I see a whole lot of other "stuff" I'd like to improve. Man, it's coming down to an either/or: post or maintain what's already there (which is already minimal enough!).

  18. LOL...! I've been sitting here reading, and reading it again - wanting to really be able "this time" to grasp the information you have here and understand it because it's this very thing I've wanted to understand more about but always put on the back burner to "learn that later!" And as I keep reading here (and STILL not understanding) something finally says "you might as well stop because you KNOW you do not understand one thing!" I'm hoping to check out Blogger, maybe switch. We'll see.... but for now, I'm going to go catch up here and see how you've been!!

  19. USA Hotels
    Thanks so much for subscribing!

    yeah i know what u mean...there is alot of time involved with maintaining a blog! Hope the email addition works for you!

    LOL...wait until next year..will be in NC in June..maybe we can meet and I can get you all set up..


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