Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Flowers, Mom and Dads garden

Howdee all,

I was finally able to get a decent photo of a Bee…Yippee for me! I see all you other nature bloggers capture bees and bugs so well…I have been trying to emulate you..and finally I was successful.

Meet Mr. Bumble. I watched this fellow for a while..

CENTAUREA Macrocephala : YELLOW HARD HEADGetting gravel_20090627_016 He had to work pretty hard to get down to the pollen.

Getting gravel_20090627_018

I took this video of him working his way around the flower.

Mom and Dad have allot of interesting plants in their garden

hen and chicks

Getting gravel_20090627_022 My Dad grows Bonsais ..must have at least 100 of them. Good thing we got rid of one garden…one less thing to take care of.

Getting gravel_20090627_041Dad likes plants that are exotic looking..this one smells heavenly.

brugmansiaGetting gravel_20090627_011 The veggie garden, is doing well..but would be much happier with a little more sun.

The weather has been overcast and rainy for over a month. Yesterday was an exception..warm and sunny.Getting gravel_20090627_037 Here's wishing for more sunshine!

Until next time…check out some more notes

on nature by clicking on the flower below.



  1. Haha! I loved that little bee video. He really was working hard on the flower...digging around like a dog buying a bone. You dad has beautiful flowers. (Love those little gnomes too!) :-)

  2. Gorgeous yellow flowers that bee is foraging on - looks like it's finding plenty of good stuff in there! Your parent's garden looks lovely :)

  3. Kelly
    Yeah..i got a kick out of the bee digging around..just had to film him..Oh u like Gnomes..LOL..well dad does!

    Thanks bird..that yellow flower is easy to grow in full sun.
    the bee was having a blast.

  4. Cool video of the Bee working hard for a meal. Nice Job!

  5. The flower that smells heavenly is an Angel Trumpet.

  6. Dawn, your photos and video are outstanding! I really enjoyed them.

  7. Cool Bees! I bet chicky is loving the documentation of her yard. I can see dad's gnomes found a new home..

  8. I would really like to smell the heavenly fragrance of that flower :)

    Bedse Caves

  9. I was having a bee-havior this weekend too. Nice photos and video.

  10. What a lovely angel trumpet plant..I love the look of this plant..I wonder if it would grow in Pa. during the summer..or could I get it to bloom indoors.
    Great macros of that bee..seems since the birdees have nested and spring migration has settled..we are all into all the other neat little things in nature! Nice post!!

  11. Great post for Nature Notes Dawn. I love that you took a little video clip of the bee. Something so simple, yet the little guy IS working hard. My Mom has grown bonsai for years. She had a house fire this winter and lost all of them... They really are beautiful...

    Thanks Dude!:)

    Thanks for the ID on the Angels does smell heavenly!

    Cindy Lenker
    Thanks so much Cindy!

    hey Sicksta ..Yeah I think Mom and Dad are getting a kick out of the comments about their Orioles.

    Bhavesh Chhatbar
    It is a lovely smell for sure..u should get one!

    Thanks Larry..what kind of bee-havior? not bad i hope:)

    My dad grows the plant inside in the u might be able to grow one.. cool thing about less birdie activity..u go on and notice other things.

    Rambling Woods
    Thanks! yeah..i intend to do more Video in the future..thanks for creating this meme.
    Sorry about your moms bonsais!

  13. Howdy Dawn! Beautiful shots of your dad's garden. I like that bonsai and the yellow flower with the bee. :)

  14. Good job with the carpenter bee. It's not as easy as it looks, is it? : )

    Say, if you are still in the area, there have been Wilson's Storm Petrels in Gloucester Harbor all week long...if you can see them through the fog.

  15. Great capture of the bee - they teach us patience, I think. Your parents have a beautiful garden - I love the bonsai shrub.

  16. What a beautiful garden! Bright yellow colors always makes it feel happy.

  17. madahmas
    Thanks so much..The golden flowers are beautiful full bloom!

    Steve B
    Oh that was a Carpenter bee? not bumble? i thought carpenters were bigger?
    and boo hoo missed the Wilsons!

    Yeah..i agree with the patience..makes you slow down lots!

    thanks for the compilment on the garden..will tell mom and dad!


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