Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beach Treasures

Weed covered rocks wet with salty oceanGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_075Sparkle their hues of green , smells of saltGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_072 And decay

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_074little  diamonds sparkle on water..

Weed and shell meet.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_078  Creatures of the oceans sand.

Move…in slow motion..Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_081 Attach themselves to rocks and weed, feasting, living, breathing,


Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_082Hearts of  GreenGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_084Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_083 Blues that glowGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_093  Treasure pieces and pirates bounty


For more notes on nature click on the photo below..



JPT said...

I can smell the seaweed!

Craig Glenn said...

Nice Dawn, I assume you wrote that...


Bird World Blog said...

Nice photos!

Adele said...

Sounded like a poem. I always will love the sea and that "particular smell of decay" ha

Tina said...

You certainly have captured some interesting pictures..hearts of green definitely caught my eye! Loved your commentary..and your theme of treasure and pirates bounty!! Neat Post!!

Kelly said...

...a beautiful post. I loved your poetic narration as well...so peaceful and descriptive. You should do more of that!

diane-j-m said...

great pictures! loved the star fish. Have never seen the hearts of green. They are very interesting.

dguzman said...

Wow wow wow. Amazing!

Carver said...

Your sea creatures sequence is wonderful. Great shots and perfect accompanying text too.

dAwN said...

Yeah..I love the smell of seaweed and the funky dead odor too..

Craig Glenn
Hi Glenn..I did write it..I was looking for a poem and couldnt find one ..

Bird World Blog
thanks so much!

Yeah sicksta..come to the sea with me..I am a poet but hardly know it..

Thanks Tina..I loved those green hearts..and you can pop them like bubble wrap..tee hee..

Thanks Kelly...maybe I will do more..

hey there traveler! Come to New england..we have lots of green hearts!

Thanks ya...have fun traveling to California..here u come!

Thank you muchly!

Earl Cootie said...

That starfish is so cute! I just want to kiss it. (And then spit, likely.)

Q said...

Thank you,

merrilymarylee said...

Oh, the places you go. . . and the critters you find. . . AND TOUCH!!!


A New England Life said...

So pretty Dawn! Not sure if I've ever held a real Starfish in my hands before. Is this from your trip to Gloucester?

dAwN said...

Earl Cootie
LOL...yes you should always spit after kissing starfish!

Thank you for your lovely comment!

Yes we do find critters..that actually was my sister in laws hand..someone had to be the model!

A New England Life
Yes same trip..but not my hand..was my sister in laws..

jayedized said...

Oh my... where are you? (I am so behind...i'll find out soon -lol, I'm going post-by-post backwards) I can smell that salty brine and sea mist and sea algae and grass right now! And feel it too. That salty, decay smell is so distinct! The starfish is beautiful. Ocean life... how remarkable!

dAwN said...

I am here..always here..LOL

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