Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Harbor Beach,Gloucester, Ma.

Howdee all

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_004

One very nice day last week we took a day trip to Good harbor Beach in Gloucester.

We packed our chairs, brought the binos,scope and here we go.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_005

A small inlet on the south side of the beach, shallow water where Parents bring small children to play.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_006A beach locked in by rugged rocks on the north and south side of the beach.

This is the the rocky area facing south..with amazing home built on it.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_012 This is the beach…facing north..see the rugged rock beyond the beach with the houses built above it?

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_014 This is the part of the beach facing east and the ocean…notice its not the dry sand if photo above. This is the area where high tide fills most beach goers put their chairs above this area.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_143 Walking further north..note the rocky edges…more amazing homes.Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_144 There is a small island off the beachGood Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_145You can walk the little strip at low tide. Watch the tide..unless you don't mind a swim.  Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_149This photo taken from the island looking north west.  Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_153     Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_164  A nice place to relax…look at a few birds ( gulls for us that day)Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_167

And explore the beach for treasures

Stay tuned for Beach Treasures!

Good Harbor beach, Passport rest._20090617_072


  1. You should have gone out to Cape Ann yesterday: Leach's Storm-petrel, South Polar Skua, Common Murre, Razorbill, Black Guillemot, Atlantic Puffin, Black-legged Kittiwake, Manx, Sooty, and Greater Shearwaters... were all seen there yesterday off Andrew's Point

  2. Your beach photos make me want to go!!

  3. Hi Dawn, Great shots and trip. I was wondering if you follow Steve B in Gloucester, he is an awesome photographer and birder. This would be a great person to hook up with while you are there. Here is his blog. Tell him I sent you.

    Let me know what you think.

    Craig Glenn

  4. Hey, you were in my neck of the MA. You must been there the only day in June it didn't rain. I think we live in Seattle, not Salem.

  5. The first picture brought the memory of that particular smell of salt in the air ha. Thanks..big smile with that one. All the beach pictures show why I love that part of the eastern shore. Guess? Its all about the rocks ha. Loved the picture of Jeffie and binos and I think I slipped and fell looking at the last picture ha.

  6. Very nice to spend a day at the beach. Although I could do without all the big fancy houses.

  7. The beach and area look fantastic. It does look like a great place for finding treasures.

  8. That looks so inviting. Now I tend to prefer my beaches more deserted, but peopled beaches remind me of my childhood. Ahhh, nostalgia is my bedpillow.

  9. That looks like a very lovely beach. Nice pictures and what... No birds except Seagulls?

  10. First of all I don't know how you ever mad it there on a sunny day! It had to be either Saturday or last Wednesday I believe. Or the Saturday before that!

    I know you and Jeff must have had a wonderful time. The sky is so blue! I can now see the above post is from your trip to Gloucester.

    Can you even imagine living in that house on the point??? WOW!

  11. Lowie
    Damn..wish I was there to see all those great birdies! Where was that grasshopper?

    Come to the sea!

    Craig Glenn
    Hi Craig..yeah ..Steve was part of our Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing group. he has a great blog with awesome photos!

    Arizona Girl
    Yeah I think you are right about the only good day..we hit it right!

    Come visit now Sicksta..the beaches are lovely in CT now!

    You are a wilderness woman for sure! We will just ignore those big fancy houses..tee hee..

    yes nice area for sure!

    I am always treasure hunting wherever I go!

    Earl Cootie
    You have a nice bed pillow!

    Yeah..well there were a few others..just no photos of them..DARN.

    A New England Life
    Yeah..u know I forget what day it was..but it was mid week and it was sunny so probably Wed.
    I think me and an army could live in that house!

  12. Now I see, I sea - Gloucester! How beautiful... I would love to see those beaches up that way. Sis used to live Mass -so pretty up there, nice COLD cold winters (COOL summers teehee!)

    I just saw James Taylor on the sidebar and - well of course I could not resist - and hit play .... love it!

  13. I have been going to Gloucester every year since I was born and it's my favorite place in the whole world! I love everything about it. I love the smell of seafood mixing with salt water. I love the mix of cool breezes and warm sunrays on my skin. In the car on the way there, when we're getting close to where we stay every year, I open my window to smell the air and something inside me clicks and I know I'm at home. Gloucester is without a doubt my second home and Good Harbor is my favorite beach. Wish I was there.

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  15. My late wife, Mary Gomes for any Glousterites who may see this, was born and raised in Gloucester.

    This reminds me so much of our many visits there, and Good Harbor Beach was one of our must stops. We all loved it.


    Bob Klahn


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