Monday, June 01, 2009

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp June 13 Join us!

Howdee all,

As some of you know Christopher from Picus Blog and I are planning a get together for Birders, Bird/Nature bloggers, and or those that use Twitter and or Chirptracker for birding.

You are welcome to join us if you have a website or use any of these venues for birding.

I cant wait to meet everyone!

I designed this button on Zazzle for the get together.

  My gift to my birdie friends

My mom, sicksta and a few others think it is scary. tee hee..

But you know us birders can be intense while staring down a bird…so I think this fellow is appropriate.

I just hope they can be made in time…


So join us if you will for a nice birdie outing to Plum Island!

Wouldn't it be cool if we saw a Green heron?


  1. Hey Dawn, i am going to try switching my work around so i can come (fingers crossed)

  2. AWESOME... Plum Island! I am counting the days.

    Should I leave my camera at home? hehehehe

    Nice button!

  3. I would go if I was in the area dispite the scarey button.

  4. Neat button Dawn - I remember that heron. It sounds like a fun outing, and I hope to be there too.

    Thanks for your nice comments about the poppies & butterfly. I was quite thrilled with the lighting on the poppies. It probably wasn't the best time to take the picture (11:30 a.m. in full sun), but luckily it worked out and I caught the shadows and sunlight on the flowers.

  5. It's on my calendar. Where are we meeting? Plum Island?

  6. I won't be there in person, but I hope to see your pictures. :)

  7. If people are interested there should be a post-plum trip to see the nesting Mississippi Kites in Newmarket, NH. Also there would be a good shot for Roseate Tern (a bird very rare outside of New England and much easier in NH than MA). Finally, I can pretty much guarantee both species of Sharp-tailed Sparrow.

    I'm not sure if I can commit to Plum at this point but I could commit to helping show people around southeastern NH. I would rather spend early mornings in NH to work on the year list so everything depends on tides and the like... but I could probably do later morning on Plum or just meet people down there to show them up to the MIKI's etc.

    let me know if you're interested or shoot me a message on facebook - I can give you my email from there...

  8. Sounds like a fun gathering. I'd love to be there, but will be at the canyon instead. I'll be thinking of you.

  9. Look at you, Ms Creative! Isn't Zazzle fun? Great button! Have fun. :c)

  10. Hi Dawn,
    I'm looking forward for your get together at plum island with fellow birders.
    Hope it will be gr8!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  12. A New England Life
    I hope you can make it too!

    glad you were able to switch your schedule..see you soon!

    Leave your camera? I know you couldnt!

    Hey Sicksta..
    I might send u a scary button.

    Thanks..It should be a fun time..Just hope we have good weather.

    Letting Christopher make the arrangements...but it would be fun to see all the birds you mentioned.

    If you werent way out west at the big ole canyon..It would be nice to see you at our get together.

    Thanks Jayne..It was fun...I might just design a few more things for fun...who knows maybe sell..
    do you have a store on zazzle?

    USA Photos
    Thanks so much.

    you can come up north and be with us! it should be fun.

    Thanks everyone..Hope to see you June 13th!

  13. If this had fallen within my two weeks vacation time I would have been there. The round trip drive is just too far for me for just a day. Hope y'all have a great time!Thanks for the invite-maybe another time and another place.

  14. A wonderful button!
    Do have lots of fun.

  15. Oh, wish I could be there - sounds like lots of fun.

    Give a shout if you pass through Michigan!

  16. Larry
    Hopefully you can join us sometime in the future!


    There is a possibilty of a Michigan in the future...will keep you posted.


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