Tuesday, December 15, 2009

“All the rain promises and more” David Arora

Howdee all,

I love the name of this mushrooming book by David Arora…I look forward to the rain in Oregon when we visit in the fall. Rain makes me happy, because I look forward to seeing all it brings.

I haven't Identified all these mushrooms..and will keep adjusting this post as I identify them. If any of you know what they are just comment and I will add a name to the mushroom.

Now i want to make a disclaimer..as I am an amateur in mushroom ID. Please always speak to your local mycologist if you have a mushroom you need identified. Out of the gazillions of mushrooms out there I know just a handful…and the ones I pick..I am very sure of…if i have a question I always go to a local mycologist.

You can click on the links for more information.


I have chewed on this mushroom as I hike.

Turkey Tail Close Up

“Turkey Tail mushrooms are one of the most researched and respected of the medicinal mushrooms. They are also one of the most common in the northern forests of world, from Europe to China and Japan, from Siberia to the US and Canada.

This member of the polypore family has longest history of medicinal use in China and Japan, where it is known as Yun Zhi and Kawaratake, respectively.

Turkey Tails are tough and chewy, so they are generally consumed by drinking the tea made by boiling them for a prolonged period. However, the eminent herbalogist Christopher Hobbs likes to chew the fresh fruitbodies like gum when walking in the woods.

Turkey Tail mushrooms are medically significant for many reasons (as the monograph below details) but they are most popularly known as being the natural source of the anti-cancer polysaccharide PSK.  PSK (polysaccharide K) is a high molecular weight carbohydrate found in the fruitbodies and (in higher concentrations) in the mycelium of Turkey Tails. (See Spawn for a description of mycelium.)   Check out this link, cancerguide.org/psk.html, for more information on PSK as a cancer treatment.” from Wild Branch Mushroom site.

Check out Wild Branch Mushrooms website for more information. You can also buy medicinal mushrooms and extracts.

mushroom foray_006

  Fairy Club

Mushroom picking sutton_006 Amanita muscaria just popping outmushroom foray_023 young adults..

Hallucinogenic and Edible after parboiling per this link. I have never tried this mushroom myself and have no interest doing so…this mushroom can make you very sick…dont try it!

However I always love to see it..what a beauty!

IMG_2154Young troops of LBMs…another words..Little brown mushrooms..unidentified  mushroom foray_010A great edible belowIMG_2177 Chicken of the Woods

I adore this mushroom..for its looks and taste.

It grows on dead or dying wood.

“When and where to find them (ecology) Chicken of the woods are most likely to be found from August through October or later but are sometimes found as early as June. This is a mushroom that is likely to startle you. It is very noticeable from long distance because of it's size and very bright colors.  It grows on many types of dead or mature trees with hardwoods such as oak, or beech being more likely than conifers. They grow very fast. Usually when you find it there will be a lot. "Geez, what am I going to do with all this?" Younger specimens can have a large amount of clear watery juice pour out of the fruit body and the wood immediately after cutting. It can run almost like a faucet. Really. That's a good sign it will be a choice edible”

IMG_2182 Unidentified mushroom…Mushroom picking sutton_042 Will look this up when I have some time…Mushroom picking sutton_040 And this one..a small beauty..Mushroom picking sutton_035 A type of Amanita…Mushroom picking sutton_026 More LBMsMushroom picking sutton_022 LBM..until i decide to IDmushroom foray_001

Lactarius deliciosus

Edible..I have never tried this mushroom..mushroom foray_028 mushroom foray_027Manzanita Bolete 

Edible..I have never tried this one..mushroom foray_026 P1030718The bleeding tooth fungus, Hydnellum peckii mushroom foray_018 Fairy Ring of mushroomsmushrooms_001Unidentified beauties..


mushrooms_007  Cortinarius violaceus

mushrooms_008The Violet Webcap and a coral mushroom mushrooms_010cortinarius-violaceus

mushrooms_013 One of my favorite Edibles


Boletus Edulus or King Bolete or Porchini

Another of my favorite Edible mushroomsmushroom foray_016Me holding a beauty of a KIng Boletekingboleta..porchini

Matsutake and King Boletesmushroom foray_031

Jeff holding a King BoleteMushroom picking sutton_045

I stocked up on a few mushrooms while in Oregon.

I now have a nice supply of Porcini, Chanterelle, Matsutake and Lobster mushrooms


  1. WOW! Had no idea they grow that large. I think I've seen some of those in my neighborhood--are there some that thrive on city pollution?

    Don't worry, I won't try them.

    Are the ones that look like a worm convention edible?

  2. Holy Kamoly Dawn what a great post on mushrooms... I LOVED it!!! I really wish I knew enough to pick and eat some...but no I am chicken... Looks like you do have a great supply of them now... YUMMO!!! Have fun & travel safe my friend!

  3. ...yowsers...that's a lot of mushroom! That bleeding mushroom is just creepy (but cool...). Such an amazing variety--love the tiny forest of LBMs, definitely a place for a fairyfest! (I don't know why fairies and mushrooms always go together in my mind.)

  4. Holy cow... now THAT'S a 'shroom! So interesting to see all the different kinds.

  5. Great post and it is actually a picturesque identification guide. Love the troop of little brown mushrooms.

  6. Great post--so many nice photos of the mushrooms with the IDs. I don't think I've seen so many at one time before. Looks like mushroom heaven there.

  7. Adele
    Howdee Sicksta..yes..lots of fugus amongus..

    Howdee..mushrooms will grow in cities..but never have i seen any yummy ones there.
    not sure if the finger looking mushrooms are edible..
    hee hee..stick with the store bought mushrooms.then i wont worry about you..

    thanks...yeah gotta be careful with the shrooms..can get sick or worse if you dont know what you are doin.

    That bleeding mushroom is used for dyes...and yeah..i always think of fairies too...thought I may have seen a few in my travels...tee hee..

    yeah..do u mean the last one jeff is holding? Boletes can get huge!

    Scott A. (JournOwl)
    Thanks Scott..
    So sorry about your owls..hope something can be done...

    Appalachian Lady
    It sure is mushroom heaven ..Love Oregon in the fall!

  8. I can't believe that you have found all of them in the same forest!


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