Saturday, January 03, 2009

Delayed.but finally..On the Road Again! and Tree wondering

Yep we are on the road again...after a few minor glitches.
We got back to NC and to our Homey yesterday....everything unpacked from our car trip up north. we know how to fill a car to the brim!
Anyway...Jeff locked the Homeys door then tried to go back in to get something and couldn't get in. I was next door at Adele and Craig's hanging out. It was around 8pm.... Jeff had to call a locksmith.
They couldn't open the door from the outside...had to crawl in thru the driver side window...
They dismantled the locking mechanism....the spring was broken. He didn't have any springs to replace it, but could get one this morning at 8:30 and be over at nine to fix it.
So much for leaving at nine am.
The locksmith came this morning and fixed our door....I mean fixed it Good...
For those of you who know the saga of our door.....this is delightful!
I no longer need to push ..twist ..shove.. swear.. and kick the door or sometimes call Jeff over to open it and swear some more!
The door issue has been going on for well over 2 years and many different mechanics have looked at it and none of them even thought to look at the spring mechanism.
I now love to open my door...with such ease and a great big smile on my face.
Small pleasures.

But we still did not leave until 2:15 in the afternoon.
Jeff decided to clean off the roof of the Homey so that the Berry Birdie poops would not get baked on in the Florida sun.
I should have taken a picture...cause Jeff said it was pretty nasty up there. There have been huge flocks of Robins and Cedar Waxwings chowing down on the Holly Berry's around the house..and they like to poop them out on our Homey as they fly by.
He cleaned up most of the purple mess and we are on the road again.

So .. here I am typing away ...I am on the Internet as I type..using my AT&T broadband card.
I decided I would wear PJs all day..tee hee
No need to get out of Homey...if we stop we have everything we need here.

We are headed souther to warm. ...I love to say that

So below I am posting a few pics of a tree that is growing in my sisters yard.
I know there are some very knowledgeable nature bloggers out there.

What the heck is going on with the tree?
I didn't identify what type of tree it was....and am wondering why there are rings around it?????? no other trees near it with the rings.
Any Idears???
Ps..I like way that sounds..not a mispelling.


  1. I'm glad you finally got your door issue fixed. We all hated that door too so I'm happy to see you got it fixed. We have birds that make a mess on our cars every fall with the berries from the dogwood trees. The pictures of the tree are great. That last one looks like it has a face and is from the Wizard of Oz. Spooky...

  2. gosh what great pictures of that tree and so wish I could help you out on that one...but haven't a clue..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about the suet in the is a mixture of suet and insects..bought at a wild bird store..the darker suet was a peanut mixture.
    Glad you got home safely..and hope you have a nice New Year!

  3. Fun times. Can't till spring.

  4. how do you like the speed on your broadband card? I've been thinking about getting one to use up at our log cabin. glad you got your door fixed. What a huge tree - but I don't know anything in this area. I'm just happy to identify a pine tree - lol! Happy travels!

  5. I'm glad you got the door fixed. Nice to have new and improved. I just give mine a little kick. I'll bet your glad to be headed to warmer climate.
    Keep the rubber down.

  6. Hi Dawn,
    Great news about the door!!
    That tree is a bit scary :S

  7. Fab shots..and awesome blog...!

  8. Gosh, I wish I knew what the tree is. I love plant ID, but I mostly know NW stuff. Hmmmm...

    Awwhhh, warm weather sounds like a treat! Have fun!

  9. Love the tree photos and am happy to hear you are back on the road in search of warmth!

  10. Hi, the tree looks to me like it has been host to a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. Those rings look like the healed over scars from the bird's sap wells. That's just a guess, hopefully somebody smarter will correct me if I'm wrong.

  11. Rats! I read to the bottom of your comments to see what that neat tree is and NADA! I don't think it's sapsucker drilling scars though, we have lots of sapsuckers up at Hasty Brook, lots of wells and no markings like that. Hmmm...
    I'd be interested to hear how you like the broadband card too.
    Glad you're safely on the road-
    Happy Trails!

  12. Amazing, isn't it, how much little things make a difference in your quality of life?

    No idea on the tree, but someone will know. Someone always does.

  13. Hi Dawn- I'm back again! I was scrolling through your archives and saw your posts about Cape May Autumn Weekend last fall. I was thee too- in fact I spotted myself on one of the videos you posted! What a small world!

  14. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm adding you to my blogroll. I visit your site often, can't believe I haven't linked to your site.

    I was going to say Sapsucker wells also. I have seen trees simular to this, but not to the extent that you have pictured.

  15. Tina...
    I am making a nice suet like you do..

    the broadband card is awesum...though if you are in an area that has only edge network it is not as fast...check with att or verizon to see if they have broadband in your area.

    Lynne ..
    oh darn...maybe we will meet again at another bird fest..our next fest is the space coast bird festival the end of the month.
    and the broadband card works great for us...but it does depend on the cell coverage in the area.

    there are yellow bellied sapsuckers around...but if it was them it must have been done when the tree was a babe...

  16. Did it look like there was a fence there once. As the tree grew they may have wrapped wire around the tree to fence in a certain area and kept adjusting the fence line as it grew. ? Just a guess.

  17. That is a very unique tree! Awesome find... I love it!

  18. What a tree!! I have no idea what it is. Looks like you live a very fun adventurous life. I'm enjoying your photos.

  19. The tree looks similar to one of mine. When it was little, it had a vine wrapped around of those huge, very wild vines with thick branches that seem to grow everywhere in the wild.
    Well, we finally cut the vine away when we cleared the area, but the tree has markings like that!
    ( My first time to your blog! Hi!)

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have added you to my following list. So I will be visiting for a while, checking to see if your blog is one of interest to me. Right now think so. Have not quite figured out where you are located right now.

    I first thought the tree looked like when it was small it might have had barbed wire wrapped around it. I see somebody else said vine, so they were thinking along the same lines.


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