Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ruby-crowned Kinglet pecks on our window....

Howdee all....

Here's the latest bird to peck at our window...a sweet little Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Our motor homes windows are reflective....and birds will occasionally peck at them... I think it is because they see their reflection and think it is another bird....
and other birds must think the woods continues because they see it in the window and fly into the window...we have had a few deaths...I have tried pictures of owls....tin foil...and a few other things....any suggestions?

My cat Ballie just loves the visit, but I feel bad for the birds...Is this agitating for them?

anyway....check out the sweet little ruby...


  1. You have made my morning w/ your post of the kinglet. HA, no wonder I can't get a picture of one, he never stood still!!

    What an amazing little bird. The look on your cats face as it is racing around is priceless. HA!

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a kinglet before. I do believe they are pecking at the window because the male sees a rival in the reflection. Hope he has a hard head! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kallen305-yes they are fast little things..flitting about quickly from spot to spot..

    Appalachian Lady..Yes i guess it does think there is a rival...I would like to find some solution so that the birds dont hurt themselves.

  4. Yup - everything about it's behavior leads me to beleive that it is reacting to it's reflection and thinking it is another bird. Especially the fact that the ruby crown is SOOO prominent, which is actually pretty rare to see.
    this is fantastic - thanks for sharing it!!!

  5. What a cute little bird. Ballie must love watching them. I have an idea to your window problem. Don't clean them.. It works for me.. :)


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