Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kapock Park~Clearwater, Florida~Owlets

Howdee all,

Yesterday Jeff and I met up with my Twitter/facebook friend Annette and her hubby Jerry. They took us to a local taco restaurant and then to see some owlets.


Kapock Park

Kapock park Clearwater_003

Boardwalk to the tall Oak trees where the Owlets were

Kapock park Clearwater_005Looking east toward the housing development..

A very nice park~built to help control flooding in the area.

Kapock park Clearwater_013Looking west over the bridge

Kapock Park_007I think this is some kind of Bird of paradise plant..

Kapock park Clearwater_001Close up of the purplish flower

Kapock park Clearwater_002

Ahh..here we go

Great horned owlets

There were a few photographers already in the area. 

The Owlets were given plenty of room.

I took these two photos with my canon SX1

Kapock Park_001The one on the left is younger

Kapock Park_002

The next photos digiscoped by Jeff with his Canon powershot

Jeffs Digiscoped_043We didn’t take photos of mom and dad~they were nearby

Mom was in the same tree~dad in the next tree over.

Jeffs Digiscoped_044Zoomed in with scope and camera

Jeffs Digiscoped_047The owlet on the right has more developed feathers..

Jeffs Digiscoped_055We had great fun watching these two fluff balls!

Jeffs Digiscoped_060Thanks Annette and Jerry!

Annette and Jerry left ~Jeff and I continued to walk the park.

Kapock park Clearwater_022A group of White Ibis in the middle of this photo under the small trees.

Kapock park Clearwater_015Must be nice to live in one of the houses near this very pretty park.

Kapock park Clearwater_018Digiscoped photo of Limpkin

Jeffs Digiscoped_064Little Blue Heron working the weeds

Kapock park Clearwater_011Tri-colored heron preening

Kapock Park_009Little Blue Heron preening

Kapock Park_011Great Egret eating  some sort of crustacean

Kapock Park_012

It was a nice afternoon at this small neighborhood park.

Kapock park Clearwater_025

Jeff and I are in the area until Saturday~we then head south toward Sanibel where we will be for another week.


  1. Oh what a wonderful place!!! You got some great captures!!!!

  2. Wow! Terrific place. Great shots of those balls of fluff owlets and Herons.

  3. Great place! Incredible landscape views and wonderful bird. Especially loved your owlet views :)

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  5. Cool shots. Interesting place thanks for sharing

  6. Wonderful owlet photos! The digiscoped Limpkin photo is really nice too. Lovely post. :-)

  7. Great shots. Interesting place thanks for sharing

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  10. Wonderful photos of those fluffballs, Dawn! Incredible what a neighborhood park in Florida can offer. donna

  11. How fun to get to see those baby owlets!

  12. Looks like a gorgeous spot Dawn, those owlets are adorable.

  13. Looks like a beautiful place to visit! Gorgeous scenes and beautiful birds. Those two little owlets are just so very precious. It's nice to see close-ups of them. Wonderful photographs, Dawn!

  14. Fantastic series of photographs. I do love the owlets. AND I just love Sanibel. Be sure to drive up to Captiva to the Mucky Duck for the best grouper sandwich in the world!

  15. Dawn Charles here. I met you at Ft. De Soto Park on 2-29-12. Fantastic blog and photos here. Continued enjoyment and good fortune in life. Take care.

  16. Dawn they are just too cute! and that boardwalk looks like a lot of fun to hike across! Love the egret shots and the Limpkin! I have never seen a Limpkin!

  17. Dawn, some really nice ones in this batch. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Kerri
    Thanks Kerri!

    Scott (@NESASK)
    Thaks Scott it is a terrific place!.

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl
    Thanks Debbie..I do like those landscape views. :)

    Thanks Kerry and thanks for the scads of comments..hee hee..I know this happens to me also
    you dont think the comment went out and it keeps posting..ha.

    Linda Rockwell ...
    Thanks Rocky! Gotta love Owlets!
    Thanks! Its amazing that we find these wonderful pockets of wild thruout Florida.
    So important to save these wild spaces!

    Yes Diane it was a blast for sure!

    Dan Huber
    Just another beautiful spot in Florida..hee hee. Thanks Dan.

    Julie G.
    Thanks so much Julie for you kind comments!

    Thanks! I will have to try that grouper sandwich at the Mucky Duck~thanks for the tip!

    Charles Rinehart
    Thanks Charles! It was a pleasure to meet you!

    Kathiesbirds ..
    Kathie..maybe you should come live in Florida for a bit! ;)

    Robin Clifton ...
    Thanks Robin! Appreciate you nice comment.


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