Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Water droplets on pink

Howdee all,

I know what you are thinking…


Water droplets and flowers_030

Yes, more…

Water droplets and flowers_031They are so lovely on this pink Dianthus aren't they?

Water droplets and flowers_034Wet Jewels..

Water droplets and flowers_036With antlers.. :)Water droplets and flowers_039

Be fair warned…More Water Droplets to come..

oh…and lookie what have we here?P1060577

I was walking with Ballie yesterday in Sickstas back yard…and as I always do, looked for Morels, because…its that time of year and you never know…Well, low and behold ~in the woods just a bit~there was a lovely little Morel…a few looks around and a few more were found…I will be looking around a bit more now!


  1. Beautiful macro images. I love the detail of the droplets on these blossoms, very nice!

  2. Keep those droplets coming! I LOVE 'em! These are super!
    And so glad you for your morels :)

  3. Absolutely stunning photography. Interesting about your morels. I was having a conversation with hubby yesterday about the field mushrooms my mother used to buy from the grocery back in my childhood. This was in the UK and they were the size of sandwich plates. The taste was incredible. We never picked any ourselves though, just don't know enough about them. I would be interested in how your morels taste.

  4. That I gotta get me a point n' shoot w/ macro! Love your droplets and glad you finally have some morels ;-)

  5. Lucky you, Dawn - morels - I haven't seen any for ages! The shots of the water droplets on the flower are sumptious! I'd love to dip my tongue in.

  6. OK--I posted my comment but it didn't show up.

    Love the droplets and am so jealous of your morels!

  7. I LOVE these photos!!! So beautiful.

  8. Kent Weakley
    Thanks! I love water droplets..always so different..need more practice.

    oh good..i hope I dont make you tired of droplets. I was soooo happy to find the Morels..now to cook them up.;)

    Aww thanks so much..I have had morels before..and they are delicious...

    I know..who would have thunk that a point and shoot could get such nice images..you should get one...
    But ,I am thinking one of those nice DSLRs could take More awesome marcros.

    Hilke Breder
    hee hee your comment gave me a chuckle..but I know what you mean...yummy!

    Appalachian Lady
    Thanks so much..i had fun taking them...as far as the Morels..this is the latest I have found them here...so, if I were you..i would keep looking!

    Weekend Cowgirl
    Thanks So much! I loved taking them!

  9. Amazing shots of those water droplets. Keep up the great work.

  10. Great morel find! Love the droplets on the pink flowers!!

  11. SedonaHiking Thanks so much!

    Tink Thanks Sicksta!


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