Sunday, April 24, 2011

After the rain~ water droplets on green

Howdee all,

It rained on Friday…
Saturday morning I had fun with water droplets.

Water droplets and flowers_002These are all taken with my point and shoot using the macro mode.

Tiny seashell water droplets..

Water droplets and flowers_004

I took lots of photos…

Water droplets and flowers_006

This post are my droplets on green

Water droplets and flowers_009

I have four more posts of droplets~yeah..I got carried away..the droplets were so beautiful…I couldn’t stop taking photos..

Water droplets and flowers_054The next four posts will be droplets on flowers

Water droplets and flowers_004 (1)

I enjoyed looking at how the droplets settled on different types of leaves..

Water droplets and flowers_069On a windy day these would have blown to the ground….

Water droplets and flowers_074

This particular morning was very still and the droplets stuck to the leaves like little jewels..

Water droplets and flowers_075A green hill of droplets..

Water droplets and flowers_082

Water droplets and flowers_083Lined up in rows…

Water droplets and flowers_094

The next two are similar…I just couldn’t delete either

Water droplets and flowers_055

Water droplets and flowers_056

Do you see the heart droplet in the center of this leaf?

Water droplets and flowers_060Here is a closer look…Water droplets and flowers_061

Two droplets

Water droplets and flowers_063

Another angle..

Water droplets and flowers_064

I love all the sizes of droplets on this small leaf…

Water droplets and flowers_029

I hope you enjoyed my water droplets…

I really enjoyed taking them…

Come back again to see more….

I wish you all a very



  1. Isn't Nature wonderful. Great job Dawn. I enjoyed this post a lot.

  2. Beautiful shots!
    Have a Happy Easter!
    : )

  3. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE droplets! You got some GREAT shots!!!!
    Happy Easter my friend!

  4. I could look at these droplets all day, great captures Dawn!

    Happy Easter to you and Jeff and your family.

  5. Never knew raindrops could be so cool!

  6. Each and every one of these water droplet photos is exquisite, Dawn! Beautiful work!

  7. Awesome pics Dawn! Hope you and Jeff are enjoying a fabulous Easter Sunday :)

  8. A total feast for the eyes! I love waterdrops so much I named my blog Dew drops!!
    These are all awesome photos, I totally understand how you could take hundreds of photos just of waterdrops!!

  9. VERY nice! Looks like you had a lot of fun with them and I enjoyed viewing them! Thanks and happy Easter.

  10. Your sisters garden make me miss our old yard and gardens, but not all the work that went with it. Your sister has a very beautiful garden!

  11. Well done, Dawn! My favorite is the seashell drops.

  12. What a fun creative post! Makes you want to go out singing in and after the rain :) Awesome photos!

  13. Awesome! Those seashell water droplets are too cool!

  14. Very cool droplets...
    I love April showers...
    Happy Easter.

  15. Yet another medium in which Nature expresses its art, thanks for sharing with us all. Happy Easter!

  16. Oh Thanks so much everyone..I am happy that you enjoyed the Water Droplets..hope you dont get sick of them ...I have more...hee hee...


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