Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Gator and Black point Road birding,Florida

Howdee all,

I found this forgotten post on this rainy, overcast North Carolina Day…I have a few Florida posts waiting to be finished..and I have been lazy about blogging…

I have been walking around Sickstas garden and getting my hands dirty. I have also been searching for the illusive Morel mushroom..hope I find some soon.

I set out my feeders and have a few new arrivals, American Goldfinch and Common Grackle..today a Ruby-throated Hummingbird :) The Bluebirds are checking out the nest box…and spring has sprung..Bird Migration is happening and we are ready and waiting.


I want to share some clouds and birds…


Merritt Island NWR

Black Point drive, Gator road_012This photo from Gator Drive, Merritt Island NWRBlack Point drive, Gator road_005We always enjoy birding this area of Florida..Black Point drive, Gator road_020Great EgretBlack Point drive, Gator road_002Black Point drive, Gator road_003Black Point drive, Gator road_004Great Blue HeronBlack Point drive, Gator road_007Belted KingfisherBlack Point drive, Gator road_015Pied-billed GrebeBlack Point drive, Gator road_024

Snowy EgretBlack Point drive, Gator road_039Black Point drive, Gator road_042

Tri-colored HeronBlack Point drive, Gator road_054AnhingaBlack Point drive, Gator road_091Green HeronBlack Point drive, Gator road_120

Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs

Merritt island Jeffs pics_002These are just a few of the many birds you will encounter in this area…Merritt island Jeffs pics_005

A wonderful place to bird!Black Point drive, Gator road_053


  1. Hurry up and find those morels cause I want to taste some. Also take some photos around Del's yard cause I want to see it and I know she won't take photos. Oh, and how about Del's kitchen. I want to see photos photos photos...NOW....ha!

  2. Sicksta beachgrl~
    I hope to find some soon...I love requests..I will take some photos of her yard and kitchen mess.. soon!

  3. Great series, Dawn. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Great photos! I love the one with the Anhinga and the colorful leaves!

  5. Awesome collection of birds and photos, Dawn! It looks like a great place for birding.

  6. A great selection of birds yet I like the images of the Great Egret best with the hypnotizing patter of the surrounding water. Enjoy the gardening.

  7. Super Green Heron & Kingfisher! Wow! Glad you're getting closer!

  8. Love the photographs of the birds! It's always fun to come across and follow a fellow nature blogger who shares such awesome work! Looking forward to future postings :)

  9. Dawn what beautiful skies, what beautiful birds! Excellent shots. I understand the need to take a break from blogging but we sure miss you when you are offline! You are the social network birding guru! I saw 3 new species at the bog today but no Ruby-throats yet. Guess I should get my feeders ready though!

  10. Howdee friends and family~ Glad you all enjoyed that forgotten Florida Post.
    I hope to be taking some photos of the birds as they migrate thru to Sickstas garden.

    Happy Spring flowers and birds to you all!


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