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Juniper Springs,Ocala National Forest,Fl

Howdee all,

While in the Ocala National Forest, Jeff and I went to five natural Springs in the area. The first springs we went to was Silver Springs ~we paddled to the springs from  Silver River state park…see my previous post.

This Day we went to Juniper springs..

Juniper Springs is located in the Ocala National Forest.Florida:

Take I-75 to Exit 352
Go East for approx. 30 miles. The turn is on the left

We walked the board walk..

juniper and Alexander springs_001To the canoe and kayak put in area…juniper and Alexander springs_002The water here is very and Alexander springs_003

Canoe or Kayak Juniper Springs

The seven-mile canoe run from Juniper Springs is one of the best canoeing opportunities in central Florida. The canopied creek winds through dense, primeval forests that seem untouched by man — on weekdays, anyway. Come early in the morning and you’ll paddle through dappled light that filters through the trees down into crystalline water. Via Florida Traveler

Jeff and I didn’t canoe this area, but it will be on my list for the next visit read this description here if you are interested. Crystal clear water…

juniper and Alexander springs_011

Juniper Springs was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the early 1930's. The millhouse provided housing and power to the resident caretakers until 1967. It is now an exhibit area. The spring pumps out a 13 million gallons of fresh water per day. The water is a constant 72 degrees.

juniper and Alexander springs_026

Juniper Springs is a 2nd magnitude spring with an oval-shaped pool that measures about 120 feet north to south and 90 feet east to west. Several limestone vents and sand boils are present on the pool bottom, with sand and aquatic grasses in other areas of the pool. The clear, bluish water has a low dissolved solids concentration compared with most Florida springs. 

juniper and Alexander springs_029

A limestone and concrete wall with steps and other access points surrounds the pool. An old millhouse and spillway are on the east side of the pool. Numerous sand boils are located down the run from the main pool, with the largest by the bridge over the run. The springs are the headwaters of Juniper Creek, which meanders toward the northeast through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness for about 10 miles to Lake George. 

juniper and Alexander springs_030Beautiful waters for swimming…much to cold for my blood this time of year,but there were a few brave and Alexander springs_033

A view of the pool from inside the Mill and Alexander springs_046juniper and Alexander springs_054One of the Boils juniper and Alexander springs_061

We took a short walk around the and Alexander springs_073To a very green algae filled pool.. juniper and Alexander springs_075shades of and Alexander springs_081

And lurking beneath the tree…

These critters are not in the swimming pool :)juniper and Alexander springs_093

Besides a beautiful pool of water to swim in..the park has a campground with 89 sites some large enough for Motorhomes. No hook ups are available. juniper and Alexander springs_101This looks like a great little destination park for families…juniper and Alexander springs_117

Swimming- Canoeing- a few hiking trails and a Campground

juniper and Alexander springs_109

Three more springs to show you….stay tuned..

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  1. So lush and green. Very inviting, except maybe during buggy summertime. I like my swimming/soaking springs to be a little warmer too.

  2. Dawn, thank for sharing yoru visit to Juniper Springs. it looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love the color of the water, wonderful photos.

  3. Hi Dawn, your photos are gorgeous, thank you for sharing this beautiful area with us.

  4. Beautiful! Loved the Silver Springs Post, too--I still have a picture of a skinny, awkward girl with braces and glasses in a glass-bottomed boat. (sigh) Not skinny any more!

    As for the Bird Blogger cancellation. . . you stinker! :)

  5. Tropical beauty! A joy to view so many colorful nature images. Love the last butterfly image. Always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog!

  6. From where I'm sitting it looks like heaven! I hope you enjoyed every moment of your day, Dawn : )

  7. Beautiful Spring! Love the blue clear color!

  8. Just gorgeous - you folks are so lucky to be able to travel around and visit all of these spectacular places!

  9. That 7 mile kayak ride looks fun ... awesome canopy atmosphere. Got a little gater goose bumps :o

  10. My wife and I are dreaming of retiring in a motor home one day, so I'll have to pay attention. Those are nice pictures of the Ocala Natl Forest. It is one of America's most underrated places for viewing wild animals.

  11. Thanks everyone for visitinG!

    Yes , has to be much warmer to get me in those springs..I prefer bathwater temp :)

    Thanks so much! They were beautiful

    Happy to share this beautiful place:)

    Howdee my silly blogger friend..I want to see the photo!!!!
    and yes..I am a stinker:)

    Julie G~
    Thanks so much dear tweetie friend..always a pleasure to have you visit!

    A New England Life~
    Thanks..It was a great place..

    Howdee...I am enjoying following your travels too..Glad you are enjoying the west coast of florida.

    Thanks kindly! We count our blessings everyday.

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl ~ time around we will do that ride...It is a little scary to be so close to gators..:)

    Ocala National forest is a great place...and we just scratched the surface.. I hope you and yo

  12. Very nice blog! I look forward to the day when I have all my student loans paid off and I can finally travel around! When that day comes, I will start a creative blog just like this! Thanks for sharing!

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