Sunday, April 03, 2011

Rockhopper Penguins need your help

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Nightingale Island Oil Spill


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Nightingale Oil Spill article by Andrew Evans of National Geographic Traveler

Nightingale Island is home to some 20,000 of the endangered sub-species of Northern Rockhopper Penguin. Sadly, these are the birds that were hit the hardest—thousands are expected to die from the effects of the oil spill. While this spill is relatively minor in comparison to so many in the world today, it represents a major calamity for the fragile birdlife on pristine Nightingale Island and a heavy blow to the small group of islanders of nearby Tristan da Cunha.

Prepare yourself for the video …sad..


Read this explaining what is being done to save the Rockhopper Penguins.


Donate here if you can…any bit helps..I donated and though it wasn’t will help.

Thanks to Mike McDowell for the video and donation links


  1. This truly is a sad situation.

  2. Thanks for stopping by...Yes this is a sad situation..when will it stop?
    Hope you pass this on to others.
    Thanks again


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