Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's Blooming?


A few posts ago my Beachgirl Sicksta asked to see what's blooming in NC Sickstas garden, and to see the new Kitchen cabinets that her husband is putting in.

So here you go…BeachGirl..this is for you.

This photo taken thru the gate that Craigy made…

the front Garden..

Around Sickstas_025

Craigy likes to make hearts for NC SickstaAround Sickstas_016

The Dogwoods are in Full BloomAround Sickstas_015

Pansies have been blooming much of the winter..Around Sickstas_027Sicksta Dell has a nice assortment of colors..Around Sickstas_040Around Sickstas_036These are very cool tulips…Around Sickstas_031NC Sicksta is working and not here to ID these for me…I will add the ID when she gets home…Around Sickstas_033This plant has some interesting flowers…Around Sickstas_051Around Sickstas_043

Sicksta Dell watering her plants..see the corner of the house…they gather rain water from the gutters…they use the it to water the  plants.

bug and around_028

Sculptures in the side garden…Azaleas blooming in the background.Around Sickstas_053

White-throated sparrows under the feeders…Around Sickstas_059Dogwood in the Back GardenAround Sickstas_065The Pine Grove…back gardenAround Sickstas_070Front garden looking toward the street…Around Sickstas_072Around Sickstas_073Looking up…trees just starting to bud and leaf out…Around Sickstas_075Looking down…Jackie boybug and around_030 He's looking at this…

Anyone know what it is? bug and around_026

I have more photos of it here…


And last but not least…the beginning stages of new Kitchen cabinets..Around Sickstas_046

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Sickstas Garden Smile


  1. Pansies - oh beautiful pansies the bring smiles because each flower has one. Great photos and post.

  2. What great flower pics. If I were going to stay put in a stix n brix, I'd want a garden like this one!

  3. Your sister has a lovely garden. Spring is farther along than here--redbud just starting to bloom and dogwood still in buds.

  4. Nice series Dawn,
    Flowers are beautiful

  5. Thank you thank you sicksta Nob for taking time to take the photos of sicksta Delly's yard and kitchen! Love seeing the yard for sure, and love the start of the new kitchen!

  6. Your sicksta has beautiful gardens all around. Nice place to hang out. Also like the cupboards.

  7. lovely pictures Nob. Dellas yard is looking purdy for sure! I can't wait to see more blooms. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the kitchen makeover as well.

  8. Looks nice-lots of color and spced out well.-I'm looking forward to a little gardening myself.

  9. What a lovely yard/garden! And great that she's using rainwater!! Beautiful flower pics!
    And I LOVE the BUG!!

  10. Bill S.
    Howdee Bill,I know what you mean about Pansies..they are full of smiles! I love them too!

    Carol and Johnny,
    Yes it is a beautiful garden..Luckily we can live in our Homey on wheels and still have this garden part time!

    Appalachian Lady is further along here then where you are...Any Morels where you are?

    Thanks Mikey!

    Your welcome Sicksta Beachgirl..I will take more photos this week as more things come into bloom..the Iris have started blooming.

    thanks Gaelyn, it is a great place to hang out for sure...Hope all is going well with the move of your Mother!

    thanks sicksta..yes i will post more blooms as they open and more Kitchen photos...

    Hope you get to Garden soon! things are blooming all over the place here.

    Thanks Kerri..My Sicksta likes the compliments on her garden..I wish I knew what the bug was..I am too lazy to take ten hours looking for and ID..hee hee..

    Thanks EVERYONE for stopping by and leaving a comment...Its so nice of you!!!!

  11. That's one lovely tour through your garden.
    I could just sit here for a long while and scroll up and down your post.
    Pine trees,... collecting rain water,... maybe I shouldn't look at these kind of posts, I just get homesick ;)
    Cheers from the 'desert' ;)

  12. I aspire to live in a place that resembles this, even at a distance. One day... :-) By the way, that's a chipping sparrow to the left of your white throat. So cute!


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