Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tornado Damage Sanford, NC

Howdee all,

We drove thru parts of Sanford, NC yesterday looking at the tornado damage, from the storm on Saturday the 16th.  Sanford is the next town over from where we are in Carthage..

Many roads were closed.

All photos were taken as we drove by the areas.

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_001

The photos speak for themselves..Tornado Damage Sanford NC_002

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_003

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_004

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_005

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_007

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_008

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_009

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_011Below is the Lowes Store…Tornado Damage Sanford NC_012LowesTornado Damage Sanford NC_013Lowes…no lives lost in the store…unbelievable.Tornado Damage Sanford NC_014

Lowes..Tornado Damage Sanford NC_015

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_016

A few streets west and a bit south of Lowes…Tornado Damage Sanford NC_019

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_020

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_021Tornado Damage Sanford NC_022

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_023

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_024

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_025

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_026

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_027

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_028

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_029

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_030

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_031

See the Jacuzzi tub below in the front yard..Tornado Damage Sanford NC_033

That’s a tractor trailer truck overturned in the backyard…

When I see that I think of our Homey…

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_032

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_034

Tornado Damage Sanford NC_035


  1. Wow, it gives me the creeps to think that you guys were so close. I feel so bad for the people that had their homes or property destroyed. I can't believe that there were no casualties at Lowes. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. I'm sure you know just how lucky you are Dawn. Very scary stuff! Nice to see some houses standing among the debris. Thank heavens for small miracles.

    There's a woman who's blog I follow that used to work at that Lowes. She just left there for a different job a few months ago.

  3. What a mess! Great documentary photos.

  4. HI Dawn...that is totally mind wonderfully lucky you where!!

  5. I didn't realize you were so close and glad that you were spared. That Lowe's manager deserves a big medal for getting the customers into the bathrooms where they were safe. Wish others were more fortunate.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Greetings from Southern California

    God Bless You :-)


  7. So sad about the damage but thankful you guys are ok! That guy in the truck is crazy!!!!!!!!!

  8. I got goose bumps just looking at those images. I had NO IDEA you were that close to the area that got hit hard. So glad you weren't in the bad stuff!!

  9. Wow Dawn! that was just too close for comfort, for you, Balli, & Homey!

  10. So good to know that you and Jeff didn't suffer any calamities having that kind of devastation so close to you. I always think about you when I hear about heavy weather close to where you are, and being in a bit of a vulnerable situation with your 'Homey'. Thanks for sharing the photos. Wow.

  11. How on earth the guy in the video stayed that calm I'll never know! The tornado looked pretty tame and then suddenly it blew up!

  12. Hi Dawn,

    I'm a blog friend of Sharon's and she sent me the link to your blog. I live just north of Sanford and used to work at that Lowes till last October. My ex son-in-law was in the store 10 minutes before it was hit.

  13. Thanks everyone for stopping by...a terrible day for many people.
    Thursday Sicksta and I are going to help a local business (plant farm) clean up..the owners business..home was destroyed..luckily they were in their storm shelter. I will take photos if they allow me on Thursday.


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