Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Howdee all,

It was a bit scary yesterday here in NC with all the storms going thru. 

Storm clouds in the distance…Sickstas storm and more_001

I was alone, Jeff was in Boston, My Sicksta and her husband were at work. I was watching the weather radar and saw the storms approaching…I took my prized possessions, Cameras, computer, binoculars and my Cat from our homey and went next door to the house.

The plan was to pile into the bathroom with the two dogs and cat if the radar looked ominous. I watched the radar for a few hours and turned on my weather radio. It was pretty ugly on the radar..but luckily nothing but thunder, lightening and rain here.

It was very sad to find out that lives were lost and homes and businesses destroyed.

What a difference a day makes…

Today was sunny and beautiful.Sickstas storm and more_007

I made rocks today…to finish this pathway to the patio that we made a few years earlier…Sickstas storm and more_002One bag of cement~some peat moss~water…

Sickstas storm and more_009Walkway finished…

Sickstas storm and more_014

The Great-crested Flycatcher returned today..and was wreeeeeping around the yard.

I went across the street into the woods to look for Morel mushrooms..

I do find other things in the…

This snake that blocked my path and would not budge…Around Sickstas_002The remains of a cardinal..

Most likely eaten by the resident Coopers Hawk…

I need to speak to him…I much rather he take a few Brown-headed Cowbirds that have been pigging out at the feeders…

Around sickstas_002 (1)

Ferns unfolding…

Weymouth Woods walk_007And mushrooms that aren't Morels…

This looks like a Russula ..

Around sickstas_007

Sickstas storm and more_011


So I left the woods and back in the yard..

The Chickadees that live in the moon have little ones..

I see them both going in and out with goodies for the kids…

Sickstas storm and more_004

There are more flowers starting to bloom in Sickstas garden….

Sickstas storm and more_028After a busy day…of Rock making~bird watching~mushroom hunting…

I made dinner for three…we watched the birds as we ate…

Sickstas storm and more_015

After Dinner

…Sicksta does her walk around…and while she was walking around she found these…

Sickstas storm and more_049What are they?Sickstas storm and more_050Strange looking bugs????Sickstas storm and more_051

And another day comes to a close………………

I will listen for the Whip-poor will tonight..and watch the Flying Squirrels before closing my eyes…

I hope those affected by the tornado will have some peace.

Sweet Dreams…


  1. Glad you survived the storm unscathed and prayers go out to the families that weren't so lucky.

    Nice job on the homemade rock walkway. You are an ambitious womyn.

    Wonder if those fiddleheads are edible? That Russula looks OK. Bummer about no morels.

    What Are those bugs?

  2. Thanks for the update on the weather. Scary for you being all alone with the furrys. Path looks great.
    Now for the bugs!
    Wheel bug nymph

  3. The storms were very scary. My parents were on vacation and endured a bit of them too. Glad you were safe.
    ...oh boy...those bugs are icking me out. Great find!

  4. I thought about your when I saw on the news this morning about all the damage in NC. You were very smart to listen to the weather radio and watch the radar.

    Those bugs are neat--never seen them before and I appreciate the id from beach grl.

    I looked for morels yesterday too to no avail. I saw the fiddleheads and thought about eating some but didn't. So, yes to Gaelyn about fiddleheads being edible.

  5. Wow, that is some snake... :-/ Great photos!

  6. Looks like the "rocks" were concrete patties. Serious work here. Looks good though. Nice blog.

  7. Dawn, glad to hear all is well with you and yours. IDK what those bugs are but the are in my vegetable garden most years and don't seem to be harmful to the plants! Some weird cross between an aphid and a spider???

  8. Dawn, so glad you survived the storm and are safe and sound. Very scary moments, I am sure. Sounds like you had a very busy day. So many pretty images!

  9. Dawn, After watching the news this evening I am relieved that you weren't struck by a tornado! Hope the rest of the tornado season remains uneventful for you. Fascinating image of ants (?)

  10. Nice Blog Dawn glad you came out of the weather okay. Pretty incredible set of storms across the US las couple of days. So terrible. So have a walkway to do here looking for experienced person to help build.

  11. Great series. Glad you safely weathered the storm.

  12. The weather was pretty scary here over the weekend too. Glad you guys didn't get hit to hard. Really SAD about all of the devastation.
    LOVE your pics - I see you got the bug ID'd - thats cool!

  13. glad you are safe. WOW fabulous photographs!!!! Love what you love! Great eye!

  14. Gaelyn
    Thanks...I know very sad about others who lost homes..lives, business.

    The fiddleheads are edible...and the bugs My Sicksta Id and they are Wheel Bug Nymphs ..

    Thanks for the ID Sicksta..I will take more photos of Sicksta Dells place as more things bloom.

    Thanks Kelly glad your parents are safe..
    yeah those bugs are a bit creepy.

    Appalachian Lady
    I am having no luck finding Morels here..I would think they would be popping up for you soon there...keep looking..I didnt pick the fiddleheads either.

    Sharon M
    yeah..big snake....thanks!

    Yes..i made rock patties..ha...

    Paige was fun making them.

    My sicksta id them as Wheel bugs..they are beneficial bugs...:)

    Julie G.
    Thanks..yes it was scary..the day after was so much better!

    Hilke Breder
    Thanks so much Hilke..they are Wheel bugs.

    Yeah..that was a crazy storm system..
    hee hee..I can teach you how to build your own :)

    Harold Stiver
    Thanks so much!

    Thanks Kerri..glad you weathered the storm too..

    Robin Maria Pedrero
    Thanks, it was a bit scary ..but luckily no tornado here..
    Thanks for your very nice compliment!

    Thanks again everyone! SEE u again!

  15. Dawn glad all is well with you and you didn't have any damage to Homey. What kind of snake was that? i love your stone path to Homey. Sounds like you had a very busy day, and so sweet to make dinner for the 3 of you!


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