Monday, April 25, 2011

Water droplets on red

Howdee all,

Here is a continuation of my fun morning with water droplets.

Water droplets on red Dianthus flowers.

Water droplets and flowers_043

How many water droplets can one small flower hold?

Water droplets and flowers_044

I was surprised to see so many..

Water droplets and flowers_048

The flowers still strong under the droplets weight.

The way that some of the droplets looked reminded me of a strawberry..

Water droplets and flowers_052

A jeweled flower..

Water droplets and flowers_053

Holding on to its jewels..

Water droplets and flowers_012 (1)

Until the sun dries them…

Water droplets and flowers_014 (1)

Or a breeze takes them to the ground…

Water droplets and flowers_041


  1. Amazing photos of a not so obvious transformation. Most people would miss this wonder by simply walking from a distance. Great second look.

  2. Cool pictures! Nice to see such a vivid splashes of color. Spring is a little slow in arriving up here but I am being assured it is on its way!

  3. Oh Dawn .... these are stunning! WOWIE!

  4. Ooooohhh neat! Looks like glass.

  5. Oh my goodness! Gorgeous images!

  6. That is some Really wild texturing. Nice captures Dawn, such fun play.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Those water droplets and your flowers are real works of art.

  8. Thanks everyone...I hope I dont make you get sick of water droplets...I have a few more up my sleeve.

    Happy Spring to you all!


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