Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring in Full Swing~ Carthage, NC

Howdee all,

We have been parked in my Sickstas drive for about four weeks now..We leave the end of next week.

Sickstas _091

When we arrived there were a few things blooming, the trees were just budding out.

Now its Spring in full Swing…

Sickstas _092A few flowers from Sickstas garden…

Sickstas _087

I love pink roses..

Sickstas _089From Sickstas Fly trap collection..

Around sickstas_015 (2)

Very cool textures and bright colors…Around sickstas_017 (2)

Just waiting for the bugs..Around sickstas_018The Iris are starting to bloom..

Sickstas storm and more_035Sicksta has quite a few different colors…

Sickstas again_032Here's just a few of the yellow ones…

Sickstas storm and more_036Greenish flowers…Sickstas storm and more_033

Glowing greens

Sickstas storm and more_044

The Hummingbirds love this vine..

Sickstas storm and more_048

I will miss sitting here in our Homey surrounded by birds and lovely gardens..

Maybe next time we should stay longer…

Five weeks go by much to quickly.

Sickstas storm and more_020

Happy Earth Day!


  1. It's going to be hard to leave sicksta Del's park, I mean yard, or if I was English it would be garden and it really is all garden...ha

  2. I can see from her garden, that you and your sister have a similiar sense of whimsy.. :-)

  3. Dawn, your Sickstas has a beautiful yard and colorful gardens. I love all the Irises. And the fly traps are cool! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's hard to believe you've been there 5 weeks. Sometimes it's nice to stop and smell the roses. Where to next?

  5. Beautious!! Sicksta Del has a very large green thumb!!!

  6. Oh, what a lovely garden!! I LOVE those flytrap plants ... how cool!

  7. Great photographs of the spring flowers. Glad you escaped the horrendous storms.

  8. What a nice gorgeous taste of spring! Love the fly trap photos, Dawn.

  9. Thanks everyone ...Glad you liked Sickstas Garden!
    It will be hard to leave!

  10. Thanks everyone ...Glad you liked Sickstas Garden!
    It will be hard to leave!


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