Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things with Wings for Wednesday

Howdee all,

Here are a few Things with Wings …:)

A little fun with Picnik

Imaginary Wings…

lake walk_014 2

The real thing with wings…

lake walk_014

Orange Wings with black spotsAround sickstas_024 (1)

Yellow and black wings on my Lilac bush I planted …

smells wonderful! The Lilac not the wings…

Sickstas _011

Black and white wings…..

Sickstas _028

Wings that live in the moon…

I hear little chickies in there!

Sickstas _081Black wings that eat too much seed and hog the feeders…

I do love the sounds they make..and they are rather cute piglets~ahem~that don’t raise their own young…Humm..

 Sickstas _002

Brown spotted wings~ This one ate a few red birds at my feeders recently..…please eat the black winged birds up there^^ ^^instead!yard birding_020Blue wings that jump for joy when they have a bug to eat..…

They seem to know proper trail etiquette…

yard birding_010

And…that’s all folks

Hope you enjoyed todays Things with Wings…..

Todays Wings brought to you by Sickstas Garden…

Sickstas _086Except the last blue wings..that were at the park..

See you later…

For those that are interested, I have still not found any Morels. Sad smile

and… Sicksta Dell, more L L L L Ls  are not the same thing as Morels, and neither are Morals, I do have a few of those.


  1. Amazing pictures of the nature and butterflies. Last month I was in Amsterdam with my camera gear to click pictures and it was an amazing experience with my kids.
    Yes, I had to take them the to the Amsterdam Dungeons(a compromise for watching their dad click pics) and to be honest I liked the attractions in the Dungeons especially the " de VOC"

  2. Love the wings! Sicksta Del's yard is sure a wonderland of blooming plants and winged creatures.

  3. Wings are wonderful ... love this post. Very creative butterful :)

  4. You are enjoying your down time from traveling like I did this winter in Gulf Shores. Enjoyed the wings!

  5. Dawn, love your "things with wings" post. So many beautiful winged creatures. I'm partial to the bluebird jumping for joy. They are always a delight to watch. Lovely butterfly and ladybug images. Fabulous post, as always!

  6. Your Wings make my heart ~ Sing!
    Super post Dawn!!

  7. Loved the word work: Morels and Morals. :-) Question: In Sicksta Dell's garden what is the black dome just to the right of center? What a neat looking yard!

  8. Dawn, your sister has a beautiful garden and yard. I love all the things with wings. Lovely photos.

  9. Damn I am so behind in thanking you all for stopping by and commenting. ..Thanks Thanks..Thanks so much...glad you enjoyed the Wings and Sickstas Garden.


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