Tuesday, April 13, 2010

South Padre Island the birds

Howdee all

We have left Padre Island and are heading to Mercedes to stay at an RV park with some friends we haven't seen in a while…and of course..what else, but do more birding.

While on Padre Island we birded several areas..

We saw great birds while walking the boardwalk of the Birding Center.

Lots of Terns and gulls, Our first  time seeing Franklins gull, and Sandwich terns.Padre Island birding_036Check out the silly gull in the video below… 


Oh..i had to include this guy again..yelling at me for cutting off his tail..Padre Island birding_093Common Moorhen Padre Island birding_173 American AvocetPadre Island birding_055

Gulls, Terns, black skimmers and more

Willets and DowitchersPadre Island birding_046 Clapper railPadre Island birding_084   Padre Island birding_074Sandwich terns..with their yellow tipped bill and crazy hairstyle.. Padre Island birding_069 Tri-colored heron..Padre Island birding_089 Snowy EgretPadre Island birding_112

Mottled duck Padre Island birding_110 Solitary sandpiper..

Padre Island birding_153 check out that big white eye ringPadre Island birding_138

I always think of men in tights and a tutu when I see the gawky looking Roseate spoonbillIMG_2636 Padre Island birding_164 Lesser YellowlegsBird fallout padre_108 These are the cutest ducks ever…

Black-bellied whistling ducksPadre Island birding_209

Birds of the Day

Common yellowthroat,Great-tailed grackle,Northern parula
Ruby-throated hummingbird,Cat bird,Mockingbird,Great blue heron
Black-necked stilt,Common moorhen,Spotted sandpiper,Brown pelican
Tri-colored heron,Reddish egret,Black skimmer,Dunlin,Semi-palmated Plover
Willet,Short billed Dowitcher,Royal tern,Killdeer,Ring-billed gull
Laughing gull.Franklins gull.Caspian tern,Sandwich tern,Least tern
Rock Pigeon,Eurasian collared dove,Morning dove,Barn swallow
Marsh wren,Great Kiskadee,Purple Martin,Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Eastern Kingbird,Gull-billed tern,Red breasted merganser,Osprey
Marbled godwit,Barn swallow,Long billed curlew, Pie-billed grebe,
Mallard,Blue-winged teal,Great egret,Coot,Snowy egret,
Osprey,Peregrine Falcon,Sora,Clapper rail,Black-bellied Plover
Ruddy turnstone,Least sandpiper,Cattle egret,Solitary sandpiper
Pectoral sandpiper,Mottled duck,Lesser yellowlegs, Greater yellowlegs
Marsh wren,Sanderling,Killdeer,Roseate spoonbill,Savannah sparrow
Meadowlark,Brown Pelican, Double-crested Cormorant
Black-crowned night heron,Black-bellied Whistling-Duck


  1. Great post, enjoyed all the birds.

  2. Hey those black belly whistling duck is cute with it's pink bill and the sandwich terns have neat hair do's!

  3. Wonderful photos, Dawn! Glad you had a great time!

  4. great shots, quite a good spread of different shore birds you have there, love the avocet

  5. Wow, you did see some great birds. It must be a great place to bird. I lvoe the Clapper Rail and the Whistling ducks are cute. Great photos, Dawn!

  6. Thanks everyone..Arent the birds great! Thanks for all you kind comments..glad u enjoyed looking at the birds as much as I did.

  7. Great photos & funny video. Great birds again. Texas! What a place to bird. I bet you're still adding up all those lifers. :)

  8. My friend kathryn and I saw black-bellied whistling ducks at the Rio Rico pond just last week!


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