Sunday, April 18, 2010

Padre Island, more fallout birding

Howdee all,

Another great day of birding on Padre Island..

We arrived on the island and went directly to Sheepshead Road..

Where I immediately saw a beautiful Life bird….Cerulean Warbler..Jeff was able to get some good looks as well before it flew off…No photo of the purdy birdie, others there were able to see and photograph it.

We saw a good number of birds here..warblers, vireos, Tanagers, Orioles..etc

There are lots of Indigo Buntings around..


At the Convention center we saw

Painted buntings FALLOUT BIRDING_058FALLOUT BIRDING_060Black and white warbler  FALLOUT BIRDING_067  Jeff found this Blackburnian warbler…see the orange throat

FALLOUT BIRDING_070 more throat..I tried but didn't get good photos..FALLOUT BIRDING_072 There were lots of cameras on this bird..I think some of the big lenses got some good photos ..FALLOUT BIRDING_075We picked up another life bird at the Convention Center..but no photo..

Black-billed Cuckoo 

We were told that across the street from the Convention Center we would see a brown and tan Great Blue Heron..

So off we see this strange Morph..



At the RV park we saw

Red-crowned parrots FALLOUT BIRDING_102 FALLOUT BIRDING_103


and another life bird

Tropical Kingbird.


Birds of the day

Cerulean warbler
Black&white warbler
Tennessee warbler
Nashville warbler
Orange-crowned warbler
Northern parula
Black-throated green
American redstart
Worm-eating warbler
Northern water thrush
Hooded warbler
Scarlet tanager
Summer tanager
Blue grosbeak
Indigo bunting
Orchard oriole
Chipping sparrow
Bullocks oriole
Swanson's thrush
Gray catbird
House wren
Blue-headed vireo
Warbling vireo
White-eyed vireo
Red-eyed vireo
Blackburnian warbler
Black-billed cuckoo
Baltimore oriole
Painted bunting
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Common yellowthroat
Great-crested flycatcher
Great kiskadee
Eastern Phoebe
Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Franklins gulls
Laughing gull
Great-tailed grackle

RV park

Tropical kingbird

Red-crowned parrot


  1. I enjoyed all the colorful birds you shot on this blog.

  2. Dawn - I am loving the bird pictures a LOT these days... they are SOOOO colorful and beautiful... lovely! Nice photos!

  3. ...that's a major day of birding, and you lucky duck! I spent 5 days last summer in Hocking Hills (southeastern Ohio) searching out a Cerulean Warbler. I heard him twice, but never saw him. Loved the Black and White warbler photo...

  4. WOW ~~ Gorgeous shots once again Dawn ~~ that painted bunting..... ahhhh.... so lovely!

  5. What a bunch of colorful birds. Congrats on the lifers and all the good pics.

  6. Those colours are so unreal Dawn, what did you dip them in.{:)

  7. Wow! An amazing birding week!
    All the tropicals you are seeing are beautiful. The Parrots are darling too giving seeds....lots of lifers for you.
    I am enjoying the fall out through your lens. You certainly are in the right place at the right time.

  8. wow, Dawn, great day of birding for you and Jeff; and your photos are great. I am envious and must do some travelling outthere someday.


  9. Amazing day of birding, Dawn. Psychedelic colors! And then the heron - wow.

  10. What great birding adventure. Lovely photos too. That looks like a birders' paradise.

  11. OK. It is decided. I have to qualify this year to run Boston Marathon next year and include a side trip to High Island. I am so envious. What a color explosion! And Cerulean Warbler too. WOW!

  12. That's an impressive list! I have never seen a painted bunting. It is so colorful that it looks fake! It does look hand painted. And what's with the brown great blue? That would have thrown me for sure if someone had not givin me the heads-up about it! Perhaps it got into a box of "Nice and Easy" birdy feather coloring! Someone always has to be different!

  13. Boy I would give anything to be following you around! What a list you have the pictures - wow!

  14. Thanks everyone for your very nice comment on the colorful birds of Padre Island fallout..
    It was so much fun there..
    We are now north of Galveston on High crazy with birds here!!
    Posts coming soon..
    Thank you all for visiting..
    I hope to be more regular visiting blogs when we get settled next week in North Carolina..
    until then..
    Happy Birding..

  15. These pictures are absolutely amazing! Great job!


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