Thursday, April 08, 2010

South Padre Island, Texas

Howdee all,

This is where we are camped now..

A small county park..on the Islandpadre island_085 A short walk over the dunes to the beach..

padre island_084

We went to see what the beach was all about..padre island_080

This fenced area is for keeping Sea Turtle eggs, once the turtles start coming in..which should be in the next week or so..

There are some staying here in our RV park who will go out to find the eggs and bring them into this safe area..

Cars are allowed to drive on the beach..which puts the eggs in peril..

padre island_079

Sea pearls..padre island_076 Not pearls but little pellets from the seaweedpadre island_074 This is the view north..padre island_073 and the view south..padre island_071 Willet in the surf..padre island_063 One very sad thing we saw..was trash,,allot of it..Diapers, cans etc..

We were told it was a combination of Spring break and the Easter Holiday..

with College students and Mexican Americans coming and trashing the beaches..

padre island_060 I don't understand people who leave trash…Do they think it will just disappear on its own? They have signs up for a 2,000 dollar fine for littering the beach.

I think they should hire someone to walk the beach and give out tickets!


  1. It's the same way here Dawn. Trash everywhere along the beach. I went down to Plum Island/Joppa Flats yesterday and there was so much it was sickening. I assume they will clean it all up on Earth Day.

    Isn't it nice to see the ocean again? I do hope most of the turtles make it. Nature, and people's lack of respect for it, is just agonizing.

  2. Love that place, but I do remember the loads of trash on the beach - is this your first turn there?

  3. Hi Dawn. Just caught up with your recent, my you do get around and lots of new sightings.

    Trash is a problem everywhere, I fail to understand why they can't take it home rather than leave someone else to clean up the mess.

  4. Oh I it looks like a BEAUTIFUL place! I've never been to that area...but I would LOVE to go. So glad I can see it thru your eyes!!
    Doesn't look like there are many people there - you have the beach to yourself.

    They should definitely enforce the littering fine!

  5. Hi Dawn... I just don't understand people and why they are so piggy. What does it really take to take your garbage away? Oh it makes me so angry!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  6. I'm enjoying your pics, but darn....the trash.......

  7. Hi Dawn, I see you made it to the Gulf. We have not been to that part of the states yet. Hopefully someday in the future. That would be neat to see all the turtles come in and lay their eggs. Yes it is very frustrating how people don't care about our environment. Once, When Joe and I walk along gulf shores Al. we pick up 2 large bags of trash that others had left behind. Just getting our exercise and picking up trash.

  8. Dawn, it looks like a lovely beach. It would be cool to see the turtles. It is sad to see that people are trashing the place though. they should be fined.

  9. A New England Life
    yeah.I sure cant understand why people throw trash..just makes no sense to me..If i see it happening I make sure I point it nicely as possible.

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Yes our first time here birding Texas..lots to see and do..Having a great time..
    do wish people would be more considerate and use trash bags at least!

    The Early Birder
    yeah..we have been getting around lately! Some good birding here in South Texas.
    Yeah..I can not understand why people litter..

    yeah the beach is beautiful if the trash wasn't there..
    we happened to be there after Easter weekend and spring break..lots of inconsiderate people trashing the place.
    The beach is quiet now..and almost cleaned up by the county.

    I am angry too! I wish i was there when it was happening..would have said a word or two to whomever was littering!!
    Save travels to you too!!

    yeah..gurrr..i get so mad when i think about these stupid people!!

    diane-j-m should consider coming here for a winter..some nice areas!
    Very nice of you both to pick up the trash! i try and do that when trail hiking.

    yes.beach is lovely. The turtles havent arrived yet..hoping to see a few before we leave.


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