Sunday, April 04, 2010

Blue Creek Trail, Big Bend NP

Howdee all,

March 29

Blue Creek trail via Homer Wilson Ranch..

Trail length 11 miles one way, Jeff and I traveled about 5 miles RT

Difficulty…the part of the trail we hiked was easy..


We started the Trail at the Homer Wilson ranch trailhead.

Check out these orange grasses..LASt day big bend_005  Bright orange dotting the valley and up some of the hillsides  LASt day big bend_009  The color was much more orange than this photo shows..LASt day big bend_008See the spider in the hole? came out and grabbed a small moth.LASt day big bend_007This ranch was abandoned in 1945. The house that remains here is the foreman's house. The house is made of native materials, Reed ceiling from the river, timbers from the mountains and large stones from Blue Creek Canyon.

LASt day big bend_011The ranch had 4,000 sheep and 2,500 goats..the animals escaped the heat of the summer by grassing in the abundant grassland on the slopes up the canyon.    LASt day big bend_013 The trail follows a wash..LASt day big bend_015 Past some large red rocks on the hillside and hilltop..LASt day big bend_016 Cactus are blooming.. LASt day big bend_018 LASt day big bend_019   Its a fairly easy walk thru the wash..dusty..LASt day big bend_022   About a mile in we started passing some red rock.. LASt day big bend_026 Interesting formations..LASt day big bend_028 Jeff hears a bird call in another wash nearby..we went to investigate..LASt day big bend_014Gray Vireo bird


After some great looks at the Gray Vireo we hiked furtherLASt day big bend_032 Into the area of red rocks..LASt day big bend_033Rocks worn by time..  LASt day big bend_035     making monumentsLASt day big bend_040     of Red..LASt day big bend_045  We really enjoyed the red rock monuments..LASt day big bend_047  But we had more to see this day..LASt day big bend_049

Two more short hikes..

Stay tuned..

Jeff and I are currently in Zapata, Texas for two nights..

We head for the coast soon..


  1. You did very well to get that Vireo on camera at that distance especially with the wind as well Dawn.

  2. great pictures Dawn, love the vireo.


  3. Gosh Dawn, I love that you get to see all these beautiful places in the US and share them with us!

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  5. Dawn, loved seeing these photos and would have loved hiking there. We can comfortably do five to six miles, but we need to step it up now and go farther. We try to get out every day.

    I am once again, behind here and everywhere.

  6. One of my favorite places, great job on the pics and the write up.

  7. Roy was difficult to get that video in the wind..hard to keep myself steady! Thanks

    Thanks Dan! appreciate the comment

    we are so lucky to be able to travel like we do..I am happy to be able to share our adventures..

    thanks for visiting..i will have to check out your site..have been a bit busy birding lately..and blogging..if i forget please remind me..thanks again..

    Travelling Rants
    Thanks muchly for the nice comment

    Yes you sure would love these hikes..real nice..not too long..
    I know what u mean about being behind..seems like i go thru spurts and when I am home visiting family I have more time for blog reading..lately i am way to tired to do much more that bird/hike all day and do a blog post..then crash!

    Thanks muchly for you nice of our favorite places now.


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