Thursday, April 15, 2010

Padre Island birding, Migration Fallout

Howdee all,

Its that time of year…the birds are starting their migration north.

While on Padre Island we had a day of strong north winds…

Which would make it difficult for migrating birds to continue their northward journey…they tire and land when they can..

Padre Island is one of the first places for the birds to land..or fall out.

There are two places that the birders go to look for a fall out.

Sheepshead road…

There are two lots across the street from each other..

Fallout birding Padre_001A bird retreat…nice patch of green with a few water drip areas,

Hummingbird feeders, and oranges set out occasionally.Fallout birding Padre_002The other area is at the Convention center..

Fallout birding_005

Birds started showing up soon after the strong north winds

Orchard Oriole

fallout birds padre_004 Female Orchard Oriolefallout birds padre_002Indigo Buntings  Bird fallout padre_004American Redstartfallout_014Black-throated green warblerfallout_069  Northern ParulaBird fallout padre_073Bird fallout padre_083Summer tanagerfallout birds padre_016fallout birds padre_025fallout birds padre_033Painted Buntingfallout_002 fallout birds padre_013Tennessee warbler..looking a bit green..must be the lighting..fallout birds padre_068Hooded warblerfallout birds padre island_002fallout birds padre island_014 Check out this cute Hooded warbler..unconcerned about our presence..

Some of these birds were exhausted when they came in …this Prothonatary warbler..was very hungry and didn't mind that we were on the sidewalk with it..

Its primary concern was fuel…fallout birds padre island_047Prothonatary warblerfallout birds padre island_042 Black and white warblerfallout birds padre island_057

While out birding sheepshead road.. we heard about a very rare bird being seen at the Convention CenterFallout birding_004

So we and other birders dashed off to the convention centerFallout birding_001Where we were were lucky to see this

Black-vented Oriole..see the vent?fallout birds padre island_075A very rare visitor..fallout birds padre island_100 This was one of a hand full of times it has been seen in the USA.

We were at the right place at the right time …

We were thrilled, as were many other birders who were able be there during the four or so hour time frame it was seen…fallout birds padre island_102  Thanks to Scarlet Colley (Dolphinwhisper on facebook) for discovering the bird and alerting other birders. Thanks to Huck Hutchins for letting Jeff and I know of the sighting as we were birding Sheepshead road.


Birds of the fallout

Indigo bunting,Brown-headed cowbird,Louisiana water thrush
Blue-winged warbler,Northern parula,Orchard oriole,White-eyed vireo
Ruby- throated hummingbird,Green heron,Worm eating warbler
Yellow-throated vireo,Great-crested flycatcher,Blue grosbeak
Wilsons warbler,Swainsons thrush,Wood thrush,Nashville warbler
Hooded warbler,Prothonotary warbler,Black and white warbler
Yellow-bellied sapsucker,Tennessee warbler,Baltimore oriole
Scarlet tanager,Summer tanager,Painted bunting,American redstart
Kentucky warbler,Black-throated green warbler,Common yellowthroat
Orange - crowned warbler,Yellow-rumped warbler,Inca dove

Black-vented oriole


  1. Thanks for sharing those fantastic sightings and photos!

    - Insane with jealousy in Idaho

  2. I am dreaming of experiencing a fallout one of these days. Maybe next year. I have to clear my calendar!
    Great post Dawn and congrats on the Black-vented Oriole.

  3. Wow, lot's of fantastic birds..and so colorful!

  4. You lucky, lucky girl! Extra lucky to have gotten shots of all those wiggly warblers--and a look at that Black-vented Oriole. Very cool stuff!

  5. Enjoyed your post with photos and video! I would love to trade places with you. Here in VT not much is happening yet. Because of the unseasonably warm spring migrating ducks took no time for a stopover in our region. We did see a Eurasian Common Teal however and I was able to get some pics.

  6. How Lucky! Congrats!
    And look at how colourful they all are!
    That's amazing to me, since we rather have the desert colours in everything here ;)

  7. Oh my goodness! Amazing birding.
    Black-vented Oriole is gorgeous.
    Wow, great photographs. I know the area you are in. Texas and birds do go together nicely.
    Glad to know the Orioles are on the way. I have thier grape jelly and orange slices out.
    I think I will go back and "drool" over all your photographs of the warblers....

  8. fantastic photos of some great birds Dawn, love the parula and painted bunting


  9. Oh, I'm just drooling over those bird shots. I would probably have cracked up completely if I could have photographed all of those fantastic colors! I also loved the "birders' butts" shots. Those are a classic, arent they?

  10. WOW, you are finding some really nice birds Dawn! Awesome photos too!

    Do you have any idea when you will be back in the northeast US?

  11. Idaho Birder
    Glad you enjoyed all these very cool birds..

    Gunnar Engblom
    Thanks Gunnar..hope u can clear your calendar to come and bird the fallouts..

    Thanks sicksta!!

    hee hee..u r right..those warbler are wiggly for sure..I was lucky to get a few shots!

    Hilke Breder
    Wow saw a Eurasian common teal! very cool! sending some warm air your way..

    NicoleB, Egypt
    oh i had no idea your birds were mostly desert colored..for some reason I expecte there to be exotic colored birds there.

    good thing u are ready for the Orioles..they are headed your way real soon!!

    i love those colorful birds too!!

    Robin Robinson
    hee hee.. i am picturing you all cracked up photographing the birds..thanks for the nice comment.

    thanks John..we will be in New England in June..and stay thru the fall.

  12. Wow! What color! Love your Parula especially.

  13. You really got the wonderful colorful birds! How fun!! Congratulations on the Lifer! I especially liked the N. Parula.

  14. Oh, my! Such bright colors on those birds!

    And is it just me, or does that Hooded Oriole look like an especially flamboyant executioner?

  15. Ditto to insanely jealous. WOW! Another bunch of beauties in this group. You go! Great photos of those warblers. Especially congrats on the oriole.

  16. Wow - you were there at the right time - what a variety - now tell them to get amove on north!

  17. Looks like you are having great luck getting some great shots of some really pretty birds. Great photographs of birds and landscapes.

  18. Happy for you and jealous! Jealous! Jealous!!!!!!!!

  19. thanks everyone for the great Comments..You guys rock! Hope to be back on a regular blog reading basis in a month after touring Texas

  20. You are truly in birdie heaven there! Now we know Texas has BIG birding, too!


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