Thursday, April 29, 2010

High Island,Texas migration Mecca

Howdee all,

Jeff and I left the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday and headed north.

We traveled through roadsides littered with wildflowers.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_004


first night on our way to High Island we stayed in Matagorda.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_005

The following morning we went to the  nature park and joined a bird walk.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_008

We saw many migrants, Painted and Indigo buntings, Summer and Scarlet Tanagers,

and a few warblers..

We saw five Common night hawk flying and then spotted them all sitting on these posts.

We left after the bird walk anxious to continue our trip to High Island.IMG_4196So here we now are..on High Island, north of Galveston, a migration Mecca.

The first day we arrived we went straight to Boy Scout woods..and were treated to scads of birds ..we didn't know where to look first.

We saw Cerulean, Magnolia, Canada and other warblers..Scarlet and Summer tanagers, Rose-breasted grosbeaks everywhere. Swanson's thrush's by the 100s..

Today was much slower..must have had a flight out last night.

I will post on the different birding areas later..

Until then…

Enjoy the funny bunny

IMG_4203He or she stood like this for over three minutes.IMG_4202


Gaelyn said...

It's like a wildlife paradise. Love the colorful wildflowers. And that bunny is a hoot.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful,fantastic and lovely shots !!Simply fantastic !!

Ryan said...

Matagorda looks beautiful with it's great wildlife. Looks like the bunny is missing his friends.

The Early Birder said...

Hi Dawn. I'm looking forward to your High Island updates as this is somewhere I recognise. We made an autumn visit in 2003 when Boy Scout Woods was definitely very quiet apart from the flying insects! FAB.

A New England Life said...

It sure does look flat down there! But quite lush. The nighthawks, are those like Whippoorwills?

Adorable bunny! Tall too! lol!

Earl Cootie said...

Is that Gaillardia in photo 1? (I always confuse that with Gazania because it starts with the same letter and has the same number of syllables. And they're similarly colored.)

NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful wildflowers. And you gotta love that bunny. I think he's trying out for the role of Easter Bunny.

diane-j-m said...

Cute bunnie, I saw a jack rabbit at the Cholla Cactus Garden at Joshua Tree with these hugh ears, but I my batteries in my camera ran out by the time we had reached that park of the park. Darn!

dAwN said...

Lots of wildflowers here this time of year..all over the roadsides.. yeah that bunny was a cutie.

Unseen Rajasthan
Thanks so much for the nice compliment!

hee hee..that might be what was happening..he was looking for his buddies.

The Early Birder
We had a fantastic time birding High must go for a week some year..
Will post more as soon as I catch up with my comments..

A New England Life
Yeah..its flat..
the nighthawks are goatsuckers too!

Earl Cootie
Yeah I think u are right...i think it is Gallardia
not sure what Gazania is ...i think its something with four syllables anyway..hee hee

Thanks..yeah ..he reminds me of a big chocolate easter bunny..

dont u hate that ..when the batteries run out..for my big camera i bring a few xtras..but my little one just has a rechargable battery..and I havent yet purchased another one for times like that..

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