Sunday, April 11, 2010

Laguna Atascosa NWR, Texas

Howdee all.

While here on the coast Jeff and I went several times to

Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife refuge

We drove the 16 mile loop hopes of seeing the Aplomado Falcon.Laguna Altacosa_005

We had fun birding here..Laguna Altacosa_007 and did a short side trail..seeing a few birds and picking up some ticks as well.

Laguna Altacosa_012

We saw bunnies, deer and a bobcatlaguna altacosa_004 Crested Cara Cara

laguna altacosa_013

There were plenty of shorebirds in the bay…we had mostly distant views..Laguna Altacosa_017 So ..not any photos…too far for my lens..

Laguna Altacosa_011

   Instead I took photos of the clouds

Laguna Altacosa_016

and landscape..

Laguna Altacosa_018

and Jeff watching the birdsLaguna Altacosa_017Laguna Altacosa_009The Prickly pear cactus are blooming..  Laguna Altacosa_024A viewing stand…Laguna Altacosa_036 very distant views of Red-head Ducks..

Laguna Altacosa_027

Just a few Yuccas still blooming..most have finished and have gone to seed heads.. Laguna Altacosa_034

Either before of after the drive..

We would stop at the visitor centre for some birding

Laguna Altacosa_002 There are a few trails.. Laguna Altacosa_004Laguna Altacosa_005Beautiful wildflowers..  Laguna Altacosa_006feeders set out to attract the birds..

Green Jaylaguna altacosa_074 Padre Island birding_218  Padre Island birding_217 Altamira oriole

Padre Island birding_225Padre Island birding_236oriole building its nest..laguna altacosa_098

Bronzed cowbirdlaguna altacosa_029Plain chachalacalaguna altacosa_084

laguna altacosa_093

Female Great-tailed grackle

laguna altacosa_113And unidentified butterflylaguna altacosa_096  We didn't see the Aplomado falcon

But we did have some

Birds of the Day

Great-tailed grackle,Altamira oriole,Mockingbird,Common yellowthroat
Long-billed Thrasher,Turkey vulture,Cardinal,Roadrunner,Bob white,White-tailed kite
Black vulture.White-tailed hawk,White-eyed vireo,Morning dove,Meadowlark
Red-winged blackbird,Little blue heron,American Coot,Eared grebe,Pied-billed grebe
Northern shoveler,Greater yellowlegs, Least sandpiper,Ruddy duck,Loggerhead shrike
Long-billed curlew,Great blue heron,Willet ,Black-bellied plover,Long-billed thrasher
Great egret,Red-breasted merganser,Caspian tern,White ibis,Fosters tern,Piping plover
Mottled duck,Crested caracara,Double crested Cormorant.Redhead,Blue-winged teal
Common moorhen,Northern harrier,Golden-fronted woodpecker,Least sandpiper
Curved-bill thrasher,Cattle egret,Harris hawk,Anhinga, Lesser yellowlegs
Short-billed dowitcher,Long-billed dowitcher,Least sandpiper,Stilt sandpiper
Western sandpiper, Kestrel, Whimbrel


  1. Sounds like an awesome location!

  2. Even though you didn't see the bird you came for, you had some great birds there and beautiful sceneries.
    Love all those colours in the birds and the landscape!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to birds. Love the skies, scenery and all the cool birds. The Green Jay is one of my favorites that I hope to see some day.

  4. Your pics are awesome Dawn! Sounds like fabulous birding!!

  5. Dawn, a really nice spot there. I love the Yuccas. Great bird shots, the colors on the green jay look like painted with watercolors.
    Safe journeys


  6. Sounds like yet another great location. What can you expect with great bird lists and free puppies on every road? Great marketing, that. I would have been driving the 20 hours home with a new pup I think.

  7. Oops, commenting on the wrong post - even though this location didn't have puppies it sure seems to make up for it with great birds, and a bonus bobcat! Nice.

  8. Holy cow, Dawn - you got equally amazing scenery and bird pictures and I loved seeing all of them! Love the green jay and the Altamira oriole!

  9. Hmmm. Oranges. I think I need some of those. Great idea & wonderful pictures of a 16 mile bird ...anza.

  10. Great landscape and cloud shots and I loved that green jay. It was so pretty/ I like the orange one too, but forgot the name of it.

  11. What an impressive bird list & some lovely scenary photos from "baby camera". That's it...I'm going in November.

  12. Thanks everyone for you nice Comments....Laguna Altacosa is a great birding spot..Dont miss it if you travel to the south of Texas!


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