Thursday, April 08, 2010

San Ignacio, birding at the Ringos

Howdee all,


Sometimes sitting and birding can bring great benefits.

We drove to San Ignacio in hopes of seeing the very rare Brown Jay, spotted in January and at the Ringo’s feeders ever since. As far as we know this is the only Brown Jay in North America.

The Ringo’s,originally from Kentucky, are a very nice and hospitable couple. Jim even offered and brought me a cup of coffee.

Donations are accepted for the cost of the bird food, but not required.

The view of the Ringo’s home and feedersSan Ignatio and surroundings_020

We sit in these seats at the home next to the Ringos.

Birders were coming and going all day..

San Ignatio and surroundings_081

The bird most of them were here to see was this..

I am lucky to have gotten this this Brown Jay is very skittish.San Ignatio and surroundings_078 Most times it went to the far tree and ate from the orange.

San Ignatio and surroundings_010

Green Jays also came to the feeders.. San Ignatio and surroundings_017Not great shots..but sure is a purdie birdie..all fluffed up below…San Ignatio and surroundings_018Golden-fronted woodpecker  San Ignatio and surroundings_019

Long-billled ThrasherSan Ignatio and surroundings_016San Ignatio and surroundings_041   Great-tailed Grackle San Ignatio and surroundings_023White-tipped Dove 

San Ignatio and surroundings_092

There were many more birds coming and going .There is a nesting Western Screech owl near the far outdoor fireplace..

.We heard the call of the Plain Chuachlacas so we left the home and went to the small Bird see if we could find them.San Ignatio and surroundings_097 Plain Chachalaca 

we had good view…but my camera just saw this..hee hee..San Ignatio and surroundings_030We also came to this area to look for the White-collared seedeaters..but didn't find them..we did find another life bird..

Olive SparrowSan Ignatio and surroundings_057  Can you believe that sunflowers are blooming already…San Ignatio and surroundings_098 There are dragonflies everywhere..San Ignatio and surroundings_084 It feels like summer…90 plus degrees..

San Ignatio and surroundings_001

Birds Seen around the Ringos and on the Nature trail

Birds in Red are life birds

House finch,Great-tailed Grackle, Cardinal, Purple martin,Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Inca dove,Mockingbird, Brown jay,Long billed thrasher,Red-winged blackbird
Golden fronted woodpecker, Greenjay, White tipped dove, White-winged dove
Western screech owl, Crested titmouse, Couch's kingbird,Great Kiscadee,Cattle egret
Inca dove,Barn swallow,Great egret, Plain Chachalaca,Olive sparrow,Swamp sparrow,
Black crowned night heron,Great blue heron,Pyroloxia,Turkey Vulture


From the San Ignacio we drove south along the Rio Grande stopping in a few areas..

San Ignatio and surroundings_100

We were able to see a few more birds along with a Life Bird.. The Red-billed Pigeon..very elusive..

Crested caracara,Red-billed pigeon
White tailed hawk,Hooded oriole


  1. Great bird photos. Just curious, what lens are you using on your Canon?

    We're currently at Bosque del Apache, so we've been shooting a lot of birds.


  2. y'all are quite busy :)
    Love your photos, some great birds you are seeing. I am jealous


  3. That is sooooo cool Dawn!! How neat for that couple to open up their home to birders ~ so very kind :)

  4. Great sightings! I lived in Dallas for a long time (NYC now), and kind of miss the Great-tailed grackles with their crazy antics and sounds. Nice to see one on your blog this morning along with other more exotic (at least, to me) birds.

  5. Was that snow with the yellow flowers and near 90 degrees? Glad to hear you two are seeing so many birds.

  6. Kate,
    I am just using a point and shoot..for the bird photos mostly use the Canon SX1 and for the landscape I use my panasonic lumix..both listed on my sidebar..
    No DSLR ..maybe someday when they make them small and compact.

    Thanks Dan..this is a trip you should do someday..

    yes it was very nice of them..nice couple too

    yeah those great tailed grackles are silly things arent they?
    hope you catch migration in Central park! its awesome if u catch it right..

    hee snow..just white sands..


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