Monday, April 12, 2010

Padre Island Birding

Howdee all,

Jeff and I birded a few places while on the Island.

Directly across the street from our campground (Andy Bowie county park) was the Convention center..with  colorful art on the exterior..

padre island_055The Bay seen from the rear of the building padre island_014Nice areas to sit..plantings and water areas  to attract the birds..  padre island_048  This bush had the most activity, lots of hummers and Orioles....

The birding here was amazing during fallout.

Fallout happens after a storm, North winds..which stop migrating birds..the birds are tired and literally fall from the sky…exhausted..but more of that in another post.Padre Island birding_018Padre Island birding_016 Right beside the convention center

Is the World Birding Centerpadre island_025 This is a brand new complex..

padre island_037 Nice boardwalk..with freshwater ponds

padre island_028 See the RV park..we weren't far from the World Birding center either..padre island_013 Views out to the Bay..and more birds, padre island_023 A view of the Convention center from the World Birding Centers boardwalk

More freshwater ponds..padre island_011

Not many birds in the post..saving them for later…padre island_016    Looking back from the boardwalk to the Birding Center..

Since this is a very new complex..the vegetation is still growing and should look very different in a few years..

padre island_005

View of the boardwalk from inside the Birding Centerpadre island_004 We had some nice days birding here..

and I always enjoyed watching the Great-tailed Grackles that hung out on the boardwalk…

Doesn't this one look angry?Padre Island birding_019

Birds with an attitude..

guess its mad at me for cropping off his tail in this photo..Padre Island birding_093


  1. Hey Dawn,
    neat bird center, Yes he his giving you the evil eye. glad to know what those birds are called. I would have called them a black bird:)

  2. OH I want to go, I want to go, I want to go!!! Thanks for sharing yet another fabulous stop in your journey! I'm really enjoying this Dawn!!!

  3. Apt description of the Great-tailed, birds with attitude.
    Nice looking area.

  4. Ugh! I was supposed to go to texas this winter! I'm very jealous of all the birds. I am digging the flower photos though! Maybe I'll put them on the quiz for my students and make them identify which family they belong in!


  5. I've heard great things about South Padre Island; you must have planned to be there at the height of migration! Looks like a lovely place. Can't wait to hear about your birding adventures there!

  6. diane-j-m
    yeah..u can call him a blackbird if you he wont care..hee hee..

    oh u should get out here sometime ..u would love the birds..and butterflies!

    Thanks..yeah these grackles are quite amusing..

    oh..gee..hope u get to texas soon..flower photos are us some!

    yeah..we planned to be here for far we are loving it and hoping for more birdies coming thru.


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