Monday, April 05, 2010

Burro mesa pouroff trail, Big Bend NP

Howdee all,

Our last Big Bend hike of our visit…


Burro Mesa Pouroff trail

I mile round trip

Difficulty- Easy


  The trail starts by winding  thru a sandy gravely wash…

I suppose this looks very different after some rain.

LASt day big bend_054 Lots of cactus and scrub here..LASt day big bend_055 The trail leaves the wash and travels to the right of the wash..LASt day big bend_056Unidentified flycatcher..Any ideas?   LASt day big bend_058 LASt day big bend_061This is a dry wash most of the year but contains a large amount of water when there are rains on Burro Mesa.  LASt day big bend_062 You cant see the pouroff until you get fairly close to it.

It was a hot day and it felt great to get in the shadow of the pouroff.

LASt day big bend_063 I would love to see what this pouroff looks like after a hard rain…

Must be a beautiful waterfall..

Jeff looks tiny compared to the high rock wall…LASt day big bend_065 Remember to bring plenty of water..especially on a hot day..

The temps in Big Bend are starting to climb..when we did the hike it was in the 90s..LASt day big bend_068A few critters we met along the way..

Check out the pink and bright green on this one..  LASt day big bend_070  I think these are different..but not sure..the first one was larger..LASt day big bend_072     I rather liked this prickly pear cactus without the large thorns.. LASt day big bend_081Another great hike in Big bend…and our last one..

Until we visit again..LASt day big bend_074I know we will…We really enjoyed our stay.

Goodbye for now Big Bend..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Amazing cliff-face; good idea to pose Jeff to show the scale.

    You flycatcher looks like a Say's Phoebe to me, but I may be prejudiced as they are common around here.

  2. Geat pictures. Like the lizzard.

  3. Maybe I'm ignorant and this is a silly question, but was that cactus purple?!?

  4. I can't believe your hubby is so tiny in those pictures! Wow! What opportunity you have to see these wonderful things! And I really don't think you can take a bad picture, Dawn! Just inspiring!

  5. I gotta get out to Big Bend someday! Beautiful pics. I love the colors of (and on) the rocks; look at all those colorful lichens on the rocks where that out-of-this-world lizard is standing!

    And I'd go with some kind of kingbird on that flycatcher, but what do I know?

  6. Beautiful pictures. I expected to see my favorite old cowboys ride through there at any moment.

  7. 90's? That's hot! Beautiful views though. I can only imagine the pour off in the rain too! It's so high! It's hard to imagine what it must look like during the rain. Almost rather scary with no place to escape the rain.

  8. Thanks for all these write-ups, you have really put Big-Bend NP on the map for me.
    My first reaction was Say's Phoebe as well, but I am bad enough at flycatchers in my area and am not sure if the Say's is around Big Bend.

  9. The last time I was there, there was a sign on the wall off to the right. A canyon wren had built a nest in back of it. This is an awesome park.

  10. Definitely a say's phoebe! Great blog. I'm living vicariously through your warbler posts until they get up to Chicago!


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