Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dawn Goes horseback riding

Howdee all,

My second time on a horse…

A neighbor of Mark and Debbie's likes to take a ride everyday…she has two horses..and likes to exercise the other..

So she invited me to ride.

This is the horse i am riding…Jeannie

horseback riding with merrilee_001View while ridinghorseback riding with merrilee_002 I was a little concerned about uphill's with all the loose rock..

but..Merilee took it easy knowing it was my first timehorseback riding with merrilee_003 Jeannie was a very mellow horse she knew the area well .

Jack the dog..followed us..

horseback riding with merrilee_004 Petroglyphs horseback riding with merrilee_006 Rocky path…I didn't take any pics of the real rocky ups and downs..

to busy concentrating..though i probably didn't need to do that..Jeannie was quite capablehorseback riding with merrilee_007 Merilee and Shiloh horseback riding with merrilee_009   Me on Jeannie..Turtle peak in the background.    horseback riding with merrilee_016

It was a nice ride..though, I prefer hiking……..


  1. Hey, wait a minute. . . Merilee is the neighbor and not the horse, right?!?!

    Question you have a camera in your hat or are you actually riding with no hands so you can take pictures?

    Dawn, Dawn...(sigh) what are we going to do with you?

    Happy New Year!

  2. Cool! You look like a natural!

  3. Hey Dawn, only the second time on a horse.??
    With your normal greeting on your blog of "Howdee all", I had this picture in my mind of an accomplished Horsewoman. {:)

  4. I've only ridden a few times too, and all I can remember is how sore I was after the! A horsewoman I am not! ;c)

  5. Wonderful pictures! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  6. @ merrilymarylee .
    Yeah. Merrilee is the Neighbor..ha.. And I had the horse stop while i took photos..
    not that brave...
    Happy New Year!

    @tinky and Chicky
    Thanks muther and sicksta..not real comfortable on a horse..going slow works for me...

    Sure had you fooled...I am surely no accomplished rider...will take years

    OMGoodness..i know what you mean about sore..i got off the horse and thought I would never walk again!lol

    Thanks ..A very very Happy New Year to you 2!


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