Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hiking in Calico Basin

Calico Basin Hike

We set out for a 2 hour hike..Mark and Debbie know the route..we hike from their home to a trail up the street.

I am in love with these red rocks..sometimes orange…sometimes red…

calico basin walk _014

It was a beautiful clear snowed the day before…calico basin walk _015 The snow sticks in the higher elevations and in low light areas

calico basin walk _016

We walk on huge red rock boulderscalico basin walk _018Golden and Reds.. calico basin walk _019 Higher towards the blue skycalico basin walk _020 Hi Jeff and Deb! calico basin walk _021    Looks like we are going to do some bouldering

calico basin walk _024    Yep..I love this partcalico basin walk _028 Not much height..but a fun scramblecalico basin walk _029  A red rock chair..time for a break..

calico basin walk _031  A view of where we came from..if you enlarge the photo and zoom in you can see our Homey in the valley the right of the first white house on the left.

Beyond the valley and over the mountain range is Vegascalico basin walk _033  We start heading down and around the mountain…colder and more snow..calico basin walk _035  Crystals in the snowcalico basin walk _037We hike toward the red rock thru the valley   calico basin walk _040 ice crystal formations on the snow..calico basin walk _041 calico basin walk _042 looking back into the sun from where we came..calico basin walk _045Thru a wash…  calico basin walk _047I love the striped rocks…Candy cane..   calico basin walk _050 to make the hike shorter..we need to hike back upcalico basin walk _051more rock scrambling  calico basin walk _052   Jeff in the crevicecalico basin walk _055Almost at the top  calico basin walk _056Ahh…now its downhill from here…  calico basin walk _058  Back to the road .looking  back to where we hiked...almost home

calico basin walk _064



  1. As always your pictures and commentary are the BEST! Loved the hike and all the beautiful big rocks aka boulders. Have fun and keep us posted on your adventures.

    Travel Safe

  2. Really gorgeous, Dawn!

    Oh, the places you've been!!!

  3. Beautiful! We were supposed to fly to Las Vegas today to make a trip to Grand Canyon but had to cancel. We're snowed in but I'm enjoying your adventures.

  4. Wow! Luv' that red rock country.
    Great pics as usual Dawn!
    Keep on truckin!
    Pass on my best to Deb and Mark.
    Cool house they have.

  5. Interesting photos Dawn, we can loan you some more snow if you like.{:)

  6. wow.....the light is so different's very beautiful. I like the contrast between the warm reds of the rocks and the cool blues of the snow in shadow...interesting.

  7. Beautiful hike Dawn. The colors are absolutely amazing out there. You have such an incredible series of photos to document the hike, I feel like I was on it with you.

  8. Those rocks are so cool. Love the striped ones..

  9. Howdee all
    Sorry I have not been able to vist you blogs...I have no internet connection in the basin and have to rely on internet cafes...bummer

    Thanks for you kind comments always...glad you are enjoying the hikes..

    Thanks..yeah..we have been to some real cool places..and more to come!!!

    Appalachian Lady
    So are you not coming at all???? darn..would have brought you a hiking stick or something for the grand canyon..hope you reschedule..

    Steve Borichevsky
    Yes it sure is..

    Howdee Geno..I passed on your message..and yes there home is very cool..why not visit while we are here???

    Thanks but no thanks to the snow!!!

    You and your camera would have a grand time here Kelly!

    Howdee happy to have brought you along on the hike! glad u enjoyed.

    Thanks sicksta..wish you were here..I know you would love these hikes!


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