Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fall Bloomers in California

Howdee all,

As I type this we are headed to Las Vegas..

We look forward to spending time with Friends Mark and Debbie whom we haven't seen for a few years now….cant wait!

They live in a beautiful area near Red Rock Canyon…We hope to get is shape allot of hiking and start eating better…packed on a few pounds in northern California..Thanks to Ken and Sherry..and no will power!

I leave you today with some Beautiful fall/winter bloomers in Northern California.

Sickstas can name these for a prize. I am already missing my family …wont see them this Christmas….

tomales bay birding_001

tomales bay birding_002


flowers_003 flowers_010

 tomales bay birding_037tomales bay birding_038


  1. ...beautiful blooms for you, while the wind carries away our pine rope and the temps dip to the low 20s tonight and tomorrow! How could you gain weight with all that mountain hiking (I guess that was the stop before, though....). Have fun in the desert--hope you see some interesting birds.

  2. FABulous colours to brighten up a dull day here. Hedging my bet on Solanum and Hibiscus but can't recall the other one. Have fun in Las Vegas Dawn. FAB.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Dawn, thanks for brightening up our winter weather.

  4. Really beautiful flowers - especially that white one. I could cheat and ask my CA daughter what they are, but I won't.

  5. All the flowers are beautiful, whatever they are. And especially appreciated when looking at white stuff on the ground. Red Rocks is gorgeous and you'll be less than 2 hrs from Death Valley.

    Sorry you're missing family for Christmas Dawn, but you have lots of family around you wherever you go.

  6. Just gorgeous Dawn... especially now that we're freezing our buns off here!!

  7. the first two guesses were right the middle flower is a passion flower don't remember the botanical name at the moment.

  8. I don't know what the flowers are but the photographs are beautiful. It's nice to see anything blooming while winter is starting to settle here in Appalachia. Enjoy Las Vegas--we are heading there ourselves in a couple of weeks (but heading to the Grand Canyon).

  9. Those colors are incredible! So beautiful to see, especially as we settle into winter here in New England. Great shots.

  10. Those flowers were amazing esp. the bright pink one.

  11. You really need to share the names of these beauties..they are really lovly catches!!

  12. Glad you all enjoyed the flower pics..Solanum and Hibiscus and a passion flower.

    hope i brought some sunshine and warmth to you who are experiencing cold weather.

    Internet connection is pretty much non existent in the basin where we will be for a month..
    so i will be wifi cafeing it to upload blog posts..
    no surfing the net for me..
    boo hoo...


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