Monday, December 07, 2009

Sebastopol.Ca with friends

Howdee all,

This is where we have been parked for the last few weeks, in front of our friends home.

Check out Homeys passenger rear tires to see how much wood we had to put underneath to make it level.ken and sherrys_001

Our friends own about 12 acres

with a pond, olive and fruit trees and a veggie garden

ken and sherrys_023This day, Thanksgiving weekend, Ben went fishing with his cousin Todd 

ken and sherrys_025

Matthewken and sherrys_002

Some pretty fall colors across the pondken and sherrys_027A few dark clouds passing thru ken and sherrys_031 Windmill across the pond ken and sherrys_032 view from the windmill up towards the house 

ken and sherrys_040

The stormy clouds disappearken and sherrys_052and Ben starts to fishken and sherrys_054But gets his lure caught in the tree in the middle of the he goes to rescue it.ken and sherrys_058Jeff teaches Ken to fly fishken and sherrys_064Ben and Todd decide it much more fun to play with the worms than to fish..

they name their worms and count them…    ken and sherrys_063 A beauty of a day with a wonderful family…

ken and sherrys_050

We leave for Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon tomorrow.

We hope to do some hiking and birding….see ya then



  1. Hey Dawn looks like you're having a great time visiting friends in a beautiful area... Great pictures like always they are just like postcards... The video was so darn cute! Have FUN & Travel Safe...

  2. Freaking gorgeous out there; glad you're having fun!

  3. Just great to everyone having fun in fantastic surroundings. FAB

  4. What an idyllic place! Beautiful captures of such serenity and breathtaking views. :D

  5. A little bit of Italy in beautiful!

  6. Where in California is this located ? Beautiful pictures of the trees.

  7. Never mind. I just read the title and know where these pics were taken. On a second note can you please tell me what the comment says from Anonymous?

  8. These photos are great, I love the ones with the fall trees, wow, so beautiful. I'm enjoying going through your latest posts! Have a great Christmas if I don't get back here.


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