Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tomales Bay, California

Howdee all.

Some more of the California Coast…this time Tomales bay…where we did a little birding.tomales bay birding_003 And sightseeing

tomales bay birding_007

The Bay….  tomales bay birding_016Double-crested Cormoranttomales bay birding_020Spotted Sandpiper tomales bay birding_019 tomales bay birding_017  Western  Grebetomales bay birding_012Bufflehead in the distance tomales bay birding_009 Cormorant Island

tomales bay birding_026

  tomales bay birding_021

Tomales Bay is famous for its Oysters.

Tomales was recently in a PBS cooking series called Avec Eric

I highly recommend this cooking show..check it out. Filmed beautifully.tomales bay birding_031  Harbour Seals? hanging out on a floating pier..tomales bay birding_028

Oyster harvestingtomales bay birding_030

See Ya later..I will post a few more California bits..and then..

I will show you where we are now!


  1. You may keep the oysters - but isn't it a beautiful spot!

  2. Bobbie..
    hee hee..I am with Oysters for me!

  3. Hey Dawn looks like a beautiful place... However I love oysters. ☺☺☺ Great pictures! Come on over and visit me today… I posted some great videos of a house in Van Buren, Arkansas that had this fantastic light show… We ran across it while out looking at lights.
    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  4. I'm catching on my blog reading, and Dawn, I love following your travels. Good photos all, they give a feel for the land and the experiences. They're still a poor second to being there, but they get me longing for another trip west - soon. Jealously, I wonder where you are now!

  5. These are wonderful photos, and the Cormorant Island images are really interesting. Looks like an incredible place.

  6. squawmama
    I will give you all my oysters..too gooey..ugh..i can tolerate them fried.
    Saw the light show..thanks!

    Chris Petrak
    Howdee Chris..sorry it has taken me so long to respond..i have to go to internet cafes now to connect.
    We are in Calico basin, las vegas area..

    Erica Houskeeper
    Thanks Erica...the Island was very cool..thanks for visiting..


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