Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Golf course Burrowing Owls, Davis, CA

Howdee all,

After birding Sacramento National Wildlife Refugee we went to Davis to see the Burrowing owls at the Wildhorse golf club.

BwBTC Sac_203There were man made sites…

BwBTC Sac_204

mounds of dirt with cylinders as openings that were carpeted for some reason..BwBTC Sac_206

We were all fascinated by these owls and spent quite a bit of time watching and taking photos.BwBTC Sac_277

The owls below are not in man made homes….BwBTC sac_001 (2) - Copy Burrowing owls can take over ground holes of other animals BwBTC sac_006 (2) - Copy  One came out and gave us a better look…BwBTC sac_011 (2)The sun was setting… was very chilly…but we continued to watch.. BwBTC Sac_285

And theyBwBTC Sac_274Continued to watch us…. BwBTC Sac_264We had a great day…meeting new friends…  Topping of the day with the Owls was so appropriate..Scott is trying to save a group of Burrowing Owls from approaching development, and Larry will be creating habitat for burrowing Owls

Please go to Scotts blog to read more about his efforts to save a group of Burrowing Owls  BwBTC Sac_304

We lasted as long as we could…but it was getting dark…BwBTC Sac_309BwBTC Sac_312 - CopyAnd the birders were hungry…

BwBTC sac_012 (1)

We had a Wonderful day!

A pleasure to meet everyone

❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆

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Scotts account of the day

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Eric's photos


  1. Dawn,
    I just loved your little owl pictures! We are hoping to see burrowing owls when we visit Sanibel Island area in Jan. Your shots are very good but you guys really did look cold and uncomfortable..but then that restaurant pic at the end looked pretty inviting..looks like you had the whole place to yourself!!

  2. Dawn, I love the shots you got of the rest of us taking pictures of the owls.

    It looks like Jeff (who is an excellent birder) got some super shots of the owls. That photo of the Burrowing Owl standing on the edge of the burrow with the evening sun on it is gorgeous!

    BTW, you still haven't told me where you saw the American Bittern

  3. Burrowing owls are so cute but I didn't know they needed carpeting in their burrows. ;-)
    Great sunset and what a lovely way to end of day of birding.
    Great captures Dawn.

  4. Wonderful post, Dawn! I just love those little guys! I had similar luck at Cape Coral, Fl a few weeks back and was able to get some pics, as well.

  5. Really, really wonderful shots. What a sight that must have been. I loved this post.

  6. Always watching for Burrowing Owls here in Colorado, but have yet to have such good views as you captured here. Well done on a favorite species.

  7. How fun and neat watching the owls I love nature and Gods great creations!

  8. Hey Dawn... Finally I am well enough to blog again... Have missed your posts a lot... Loved the little burrowing owls... Did you ever see the movie HOOT? It was a cute movie about them... Have a super day and above all travel safe!


  9. I didn't know there WAS such a thing as burrowing owls. Had to look them up online and read more. Girl, if your camera, walking shoes, and Homey transmission hold out long enough, I may become a decent armchair birder!

  10. Wonderful photos of the owl...oh I would love to get a photo of one!

  11. Great shots! We don't have these in Michigan, but great to see them thriving in CA.

    -Loreen Niewenhuis

  12. Thanks everyone for you nice comments..

    Hope you get to see the Burrowing owls!
    check out this link..maybe u can see these in Florida

    Larry Jordan
    Thanks Larry..Jeff liked you nice compliment!
    I finally responded to where the Bittern was..not very good directions..perhaps Cheryl can better help.

    Thanks Gaelyn..I must go visit you wnen I have more time..check out how you are doing in your new temp home.

    Jerry Jourdan
    Thanks for the link of your pics! Very cool..the ones Jeff took of the Burrowing owls are digiscoped.

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks...these birds are very easy to see...come visit CA

    It was great fun...hey you two are sure getting around to allot of places in your RV!!

    So sorry you have been sick..i havent had much time lately to visit blogs and didnt know you were ill. I have never seen hoot.. guess i should!

    hee hee..u are funny..I think if i can get an outing planned when I get to your must come a birding with us.

    Steve Borichevsky
    Thanks steve..

    These were such easy shots..I think you would have taken amazing photos here.

    Loreen Niewenhuis
    Thanks for visiting..yes lots of burrowing Owls here..great views

  13. Those owls are awesome!!! Great pictures. Looks like a fun filled time.. Why are you having us use word verification to comment now?

  14. Great photos, Dawn! Love the close=ups of those innocent faces and powerful long legs!
    Hope ya'll enjoyed your dinner later!

  15. I love your photos of the owls. I can see where they need protection from development. What a great day you had.

  16. tHANKS aGAIN EVEryone for the commments..I am so sorry I havent been able to visit blogs..

    I havent been getting good enough connections to load web pages..and dont spend much time at wifi cafes other than to upload blog posts.

    MY New years wish is for some sort of always on broadband connection for internet....Will one of you develop that?

  17. They seem to camouflage but their yellow eyes are very bright!

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