Thursday, December 10, 2009

Northern California Coast Drive

Here's some more California….even though we are now in Vegas.

I never seemed to have the time when in California to post much..

Where we are parked now in Calico Basin. outside of Vegas…we are in a bowl surrounded by Beautiful red rocks..I will do a post later with pictures of our Homey parked at our friends home.. The location is amazing..but ,,,we have lousy internet.

So I am uploading this post from Whole Foods..a 15 minute drive from Calico Basin.


When we took this drive toward Bodega was a clear day…ken and sherrys_003Sunlit grasses….      ken and sherrys_014

And then…the fog came…ken and sherrys_012

           Thin wispsken and sherrys_021ken and sherrys_020 And then thicker….ken and sherrys_022and we we are above the clouds…

ken and sherrys_004

ken and sherrys_008

Beautiful…with the fog…ken and sherrys_010

Another wonderful day….ken and sherrys_011

So…as you might figure..I wont be online much…unless I am lucky to get connected in the Basin…

Otherwise..its Wi-Fi Cafes…



    You're not interested in heading for snow country?

    :) Just askin'!

  2. Wow, that looks so very beautiful!

  3. The northern coast is ruggedly beautiful. When you're above the clouds it looks like the ocean foam. Nice captures. Have fun near Vegas.

  4. The picture above the fog was really neat. Do you ever pay to park anymore? I bet your yearly budget is a lot less than ours.

  5. The California coastline is beautiful. Love the fog shots. Wonderful photos, you must be having a great time.

  6. My favorite part of this world! I love the fog. Your last two pictures are fantastic! Well, they all are. I can understand very well how you can't find time to write while in that part of the world. I would just want to look and enjoy.

  7. The bottom two photos remind me of when they have the huge fires and the smoke is hampering the sunlight.

    Wish I could be there with you Dawn. I'd love to drive along the california coast!

  8. Lovely - and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and notes from Vegas. May be there in Feb.

  9. i love watching the fog roll in- so cool! we live on the North Coast and it's fun to watch it come in over the hills. it moves SO fast sometimes. nice photos! and sounds like you guys had internet is liberating sometimes!

  10. Wow-very cool! I just watched this Stepehn King movie called the mist and that fog reminds me of a scene from it.

  11. merrilymarylee
    We are just outside of Las Vegas in Calico basin..snow on the ground in patches..we hiked in snow yesterday.


    Thanks..having fun here outside of Vegas..hope all is well in your newly renovated home on wheels.

    hee hee..yes we do pay some to park our homey..and give friends money to cover electric etc..but it doesnt cost us much..will have to compare notes when we meet up in Quartzite.

    Thanks..northern cal was wonderful! Now we are in chilly las vegas.

    Thanks Bobbie.we really enjoyed northern CA. no internet connection where we are in I go to wifi cafes..more time to hike and play games.

    A New England Life
    Thanks Sharon! wish u could be here too!!!!!!!!!!

    hope that you get some info from my posts on Vegas..let me know if you have particular questions..we have friends that live here.

    Johnny Nutcase
    Thanks..yeah ..i guess no internet is liberating..but..i sure do like not being liberated!:)

    Oh..was it a good movie? or just scary? hope all is well..did u get that scope yet?

  12. some very nice shots, love the colors and contrasts



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