Friday, December 11, 2009

Wine Country Drive, Northern California

Howdee all,

A few pictures from a drive we did thru California wine country..away from the big name Vineyards..and up to the hills…

outing for rocks_005

We left the fog from the coastal areasouting for rocks_006 and went to a higher elevation …above the fog and into the sun

outing for rocks_013outing for rocks_008

Above the cloudsouting for rocks_015

Into the sun

outing for rocks_020 Vineyards…with their winter colors

outing for rocks_032 outing for rocks_031

I don't know if any of you can relate to my frustration of not being connected to the internet…..most of you have fast home broadband connections.

Traveling with a broadband card is wonderful when I can connect…but times like these when I am in a location that cant receive a decent signal is tough to deal with.

So I drive to a wifi site now to upload a blog post or receive email..I cant read blogs either..pages just don't want to load up..

Our friends have no wifi at their home..they have a Verizon air card and lately they have had connection issues as well.

So…here we are in Amazingly beautiful surroundings…no internet…

Think I will go for a hike.


  1. Can total relate. Those pictures were awesome. Looks like a really peaceful place.

  2. Stunning photos Dawn.

  3. Hey Dawn I know what you mean about internet service while on the road... When it's good it is heaven and when it is bad it is @#&?*&%$#@*#.... well you get the jest of it! Great photos as always and glad you’re enjoying your trip... Have FUN & Travel Safe!

  4. Oh, those vineyard shots! Just glorious! I can only imagine how hard it is not to feel connected while on the road Dawn. Hope you had a wonderful hike. ;c)

  5. Keep taking these beautiful shots with all that color and beauty...we will need to see a lot of color and sunshine as we sit here freezing in these temps!! Do have a nice time visiting your friends and have a nice weekend!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures. We used to travel CA alot when trucking but I never got any pictures of the countryside like thoses. It's too beautiful to be sitting at a computer...I have a data card but many times on the boat I don't even bother to try getting on because it's just too nice out there.

  7. Sure is pretty N CA wine country. With wine, who needs internet? ;-)However I sympathise.

  8. Pioneer woman!

    Want me to recommend some good books while you're living in primitive conditions? :)

  9. The photos are fantastic! My sisters used to go out that way to visit my aunt and they told me about how you can be looking at the coastline one minute then the mountains in the next. Beautiful scenery.Sorry to hear about your Internet frustrations.

  10. diane-j-m
    yeah i figures another Rver would relate to the internet issue..i know you find it just as frustrating as I do..Hope to visit your blog soon..but wont have internet at home until quartzite next month..bummer

    thanks Roy!

    Thanks..yeah I figured you and my fellow Rvers could relate to the internet connection frustrations..Gurrrr ..right now I am not too pleased about it.
    I am a borders cafe now..and internet here is pretty slow too!

    Thanks Jayne..yeah its real frustrating to me not to be connected..but thats all part of this lifestyle..until something better can be developed. when i first started rving we just had to rely on dial up at rv better that it was.

    Thanks Tina..actually is pretty darn cold in Las Vegas now.

    yeah are right about it being to nice to be sitting at the computer..I usually am on the computer early morn or night..that way i have more play time.

    hee kinda gal..we must share a bottle of wine sometime..with no internet..:)

    hee hee..primitive..ha..I am so darn spoiled...i am crying without internet..
    but yes..I would love you to recommend some books.

    yeah..the coast is so nice..Love it there.
    as far as the would think i would be used to it by now..
    but nope..

  11. How I'd love to go there and photograph the vineyards! The colors are beautiful Dawn!

    I can only imagine your frustration with the internet especially since you enjoy being online so much. At least you are able to bring us some gorgeous California scenery!



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