Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our view from Homey, Calico Basin

Howdee all,

Here we are in Calico Basin, parked on the side of our friends home.

We have virtually no internet here..We are in a bowl surrounded by hills...but look at the surroundings..

We can walk out the door and  go for a hike into the red rock mountains.

The view from our front window.calico basin walk _001

    View from passenger side window

calico basin walk _003

View from the driver side livingroom window

calico basin walk _004

     Mark and Debbie's Homecalico basin walk _007

Our home and theirs 

calico basin walk _008

View from the front yard looking north and west

calico basin walk _009 We are only a 20 minute drive to downtown Las Vegas.

5 minutes to shopping, Whole foods, Costco, Target etc.

You would never know Vegas was so close nestled into these beautiful surroundings.

Stay tuned for more …


  1. That is what I love about Nevada, get out of Las Vegas and you are in a beautiful state.

  2. Your friends home is very beautiful! Looks nice and sunny over where you're at. Have fun!

  3. It must have been cold since your friends are bundled up.

    Cute little home. It blends right in with the landscape. What an interesting place to live. So close yet they seem so far. Gardening is definitely at a minimum!

    Hope you and Jeff are enjoying yourselves!

  4. You guys are travelin' fools...aren't ya'?? Wish we could do that...HA! But, then I would miss the kids & grandkids. I have 2 brothers that live in Vegas. We plan on getting over there some time & seeing the nature sights. I hear there is plenty to see! Have a Merry Christmas, Dawn!

  5. What a cool looking area. Bummer about no internet!

  6. What a great place to park your home. Their house is very nice also. Lovely photos--the rich warm colors are so inviting.

  7. Dawn, your friends' home looks very much like what you would see/find in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Many of the homes there are stucco/adobe with flat-type roofs. And the color of the homes is very similar. Do your friends have their interior decorated in a southwestern theme?

  8. Ms. Fiddlesticks
    you are so right! so many beautiful areas outside of town!

    Yes they have a lovely home! Lately we have had great weather..just a few cloudy days.

    A New England Life
    Yeah ..its a great home and setting..and would be surprised..but they had to put in auto drips for the plants they are trying to get established..

    you are so..right..we are the traveling must visit your brothers ..wait till it warms up a bit and check out the great outdoors here..

    howdee sicksta..yeah the internet thing really sucks..I am at an internet cafe now trying to catch up...nope wont ever catch up..oh well.

    Appalachian Lady of our most favorite places to park!

    Mary C
    Howdee mary! yeah they do have southwest theme inside..some really unique things..


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