Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Whole lot of Red Knot ~

Our farewell morning at

Hunting Island State park..

hunting last morn_002

Sunrise photos taken from inside Homey..

We needed to pack up and leave the park before 11 for our five hour drive to Atlanta..

I didn’t have much time to walk the beach, look for sharks teeth and bird.

So~Birds were my priority this morning.

Red Knots

I was wondering if the Red Knots were still around…

We had seen them each day we were at the park..it seemed like the numbers were increasing daily.

hunting last morn_003

I headed straight north to the end of the island…

There they were!

Red Knots

..many on the opposite side of the inlet..


some action was happening..

hunting last morn_004

Bit by bit…

the Red Knots came over to my side of the inlet…

hunting last morn_005The were feeding at the waters edge..

hunting last morn_007Soon they were all on my side…

spreading out on the edge of the inlet..

hunting last morn_011Then they rose up in unison…

hunting last morn_016Reformed..

hunting last morn_017And slowly..

hunting last morn_018Settled ..hunting last morn_019Back down…

hunting last morn_021A mass of Red Knot

hunting last morn_022One long line…on the edge of the inlet…too long to capture..

hunting last morn_023I wished I had the scope..

hunting last morn_024Or a longer lens..

hunting last morn_030I wanted to take photos of the tagged birds..

hunting last morn_034I tried walking a bit closer….very slowly..

The birds took flight..

I felt bad that I got too close..

hunting last morn_041

The birds settled down a bit further way..

Here is the video I took of this huge flock

I tried to pan thru the flock so you can see ..just how many there were.



Jeff and I are now in Atlanta..here for a few more days then plan on heading to Nashville or the Smoky Mountains.

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