Friday, March 08, 2013

Sunrise walk and birds~Edisto Beach SP

Howdee all,

This is our last full day at

Edisto Beach State Park

I woke up, looked out our bedroom window and saw a bit of color in the sky…Lets catch the sunrise….

We grabbed some warm clothing and rushed out to the beach.

sunrise walk edisto_001There were only two other people on the beach 

sunrise walk edisto_004Just starting to show..

sunrise walk edisto_009Here we go..

sunrise walk edisto_014Oh..I just noticed I captured a bird in this one..

any guesses?

sunrise walk edisto_027And, as if by magic..the suns has risen another day!

sunrise walk edisto_036

We walked the beach,north,to the inlet

sunrise walk edisto_044Across the inlet we see birds..

sunrise walk edisto_045

I didn’t bring my bins..I was in such a hurry..

Luckily Jeff had his and I had my trusty compact camera with its mega zoom.

sunrise walk edisto_052All the photos are cropped ..

Black skimmer, American Oystercatchers, Bonaparte, Laughing and Ring-billed  Gull, Royal and Forster’s Tern, a Willet and a few unidentified peeps..just to far..

sunrise walk edisto_053We did Id this little fella

sunrise walk edisto_056With the big honker..

Wilsons Plover

Heavily cropped photo.

sunrise walk edisto_055

I walked around to the end of the point as far as I could go..

sunrise walk edisto_046Without disturbing the Brown Pelican and distant Great Blue Heron on the Pier.

sunrise walk edisto_049A pen shell lit up by the morning sun..

sunrise walk edisto_041I loved the shell and the ripples..

I have some glorious photos of Pen shells lit up here ~our Sanibel trip.

sunrise walk edisto_042

We turned around to the half mile back toward the campground..

sunrise walk edisto_057Stopping to look at shells..

sunrise walk edisto_058The scene..

sunrise walk edisto_063Willets in the surf..

sunrise walk edisto_066Oh…look at this mound of shells!

I know my sicksta Lori will be drooling when she sees this..

sunrise walk edisto_074Jeff and I bent our shadows down to look for a few goodies..

sunrise walk edisto_072Lots of shell remnants..

sunrise walk edisto_073A big old black shell..

sunrise walk edisto_078Back in the campground..

Eurasian Collared-Dove..

sunrise walk edisto_085A quick look behind our campsite..

Tri-colored and Little Blue Heron..

sunrise walk edisto_086

Oh what a glorious morning..

Time for breakfast…a blog post and then our afternoon adventure!

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