Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If I’m dreaming..don’t wake me.…

Howdee all,


I might be dreaming….If I am…

Don’t wake me please..


It was a delicious morning..

Hunting_012The sun had just risen..

Hunting_013We were out for an early morning walk..

Hunting_014Looking for birds..

Hunting_017Watching birds..


Hunting_044taking in the scene..

Hunting_048The clouds were delightful..

Hunting_049The birds pulled  my heart strings..

Hunting_050Ahhh...the temperature..

just right..

Hunting_051The sun was glowing thru the clouds..



Who just tried to wake me up?

How did that dirty backpack get into my peaceful dream?

Jeff loves his grimy backpack..

Hunting_057Oh here am I am..

Back in the dream…

The sun was glowing gently thru the clouds…

Hunting_059Grey wisps of clouds coming over the island south of us..


moving and changing..

Hunting_062Jeff looks for birds while I sip it all in..


Hunting_065Its delicious!

Hunting_066I want more..

Hunting_067I want to keep walking the rippled sands..

Hunting_071To keep staring at the sun behind the clouds..

Hunting_070I want to keep seeing the clouds change shapes and colors..

Hunting_073I want to keep watching the birds..


Hunting_107Frolic and forage in the morning light..

Hunting_093I want more and more..



Please. Please… don’t wake me..


This was just our morning..

Stay tuned for our afternoon adventure ..a long hike that has Jeff and I both resting this am,

Birds, Groins and sharks teeth..


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