Sunday, March 10, 2013

Angry Bird at the beach

Howdee all,

Its not always peaceful on the beach..

The other day when birding, we came across a flock of assorted birds

From somewhere amongst them came..

a nonstop nagging chirp..

edisto beach_001We got a bit closer to check out what it was and who it came from.

Seems as though we have a real life

Angry bird here..

edisto beach_012There was a Royal tern yelling nonstop at another Royal tern

edisto beach_005The tern that was being yelled at would back away..

edisto beach_008The big mouth tern followed it and continued its, in your face, rampage.

The other birds seemed oblivious..

edisto beach_009I have no idea what was going on here..

I am hoping someone might be able to enlighten me..

edisto beach_014

you must…

Check out the video below…

to see and hear the noisy encounter and what birds are hanging out nearby..

I said must…ha ha..

Its just to funny to miss..

Meanwhile on the peaceful side of the beach..

edisto beach_070

Ring-billed gulls Preen..

edisto beach_069Willets check out the seaweed clumps for goodies..

edisto beach_076And Laughing Gulls

edisto beach_007Hang out quietly together..

edisto beach_090

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