Monday, March 11, 2013

Meanwhile back in Charleston

Howdee all,

Welcome to Charleston, SC

I am not a city gal, I don’t often go to Galleries, Museums or nightclubs..

Give me the wilds, the woods, the beach..that is where I am most at home.

Though, occasionally…I enjoy small bits and bites of city life.

Charleston_037Jeff and I went into Charleston on Sunday to walk around and take in the sights.

Charleston is a lovely small city..very walkable..


We happened on

Second Sunday~when King Street is closed to vehicle traffic..

I didn’t take any photos of the street full of people and vendors..

I did get this photo of these cute ladies in their Fancy hats..


Store fronts decorated with spring flowers..

Charleston_044We wandered around aimlessly just taking in the sights ..

Charleston_034The architecture..

Charleston_104The gardens..


I LOVED peering thru closed gates into private gardens..


This pineapple fountain has no lifeguard on duty but you can walk in it to cool off on a hot day.  Smile


There are hundreds of charming homes..

I wanted to go into each and every one.Charleston_090

There are still a few cobbled streets..Charleston_060

Pastel rowCharleston_063

The cherry trees are blossoming


Lovely against the pinkish brick

Charleston_067Birds are singing…


This town is stewed in history


Just take some time to visit and see the famous people buried here.

Charleston_038And wealth…yes, there was and still is much wealth in this town.

Charleston_115Around every corner of downtown..

Charleston_079another gorgeous home..Charleston_099


Charleston_105With Grand oaks..

Charleston_083Stucco aged and beautiful


Charleston_077Jeweled entries..

Charleston_102Elegance in little details


Charleston_042A lovely town..

Charleston_110With flora..


Charleston_111and fauna..


Something for everyone in Charleston!


Jeff and I are now at the RV park in Hollywood. We plan on staying here until Sunday, then head to Hunting Island, SC.

Beach time again!

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