Saturday, March 02, 2013

Pawleys Island north beach~The Pier

Howdee all,

We are not here..

This is the north beach of Pawley's Island

Pawleys island (1)We took this walk on a cold day while at

Huntington Beach State Park

Pawleys island (3)Pawleys Island is south of the state park..

Pawleys island (2)We were told to look for shells here..

Pawleys island (16)I didn’t see many shells..

Pawleys island (18)I was a bit fascinated by this pier

Pawleys island (9)

And the reflections..

Pawleys island (8)Ok…I was a lot taken by the pier and reflections..

Notice that Barb?^^

Pawleys island (4)So…

Pawleys island (10)

Jeff and I are not here..

Pawleys island (20)Though we did a quick cold walk to the pier..

Pawleys island (21)And back to the car…

after I took way to many photos of this pier..


This is where Jeff and I are now

Hollywood, SC



There are ducks walking around the campground..


Yesterday we went into Charleston


We had a great time at the festival!IMG_3816

The wine glass holders came in handy


Today we get back to nature..

Gone Birding

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