Sunday, March 31, 2013


Darn it!

I got sick...a head cold, fever...constant headache.
So I am resting...
A few days off from all things online.
Ok..well, maybe I do check into Facebook once or twice a day.
Here I am sick in artistic Van Gogh style..

Jeff made a pot of chicken soup. Ha ha..I chuckle when I say that..
I was there step by step as he asked me do I cook the chicken? How do I chop this vegetable? How much chicken stock? Etc etc...ha ha..
It did come out good and is my medicine, along with bed rest, zinc, vitamins and an occasional decongestant.

Tomorrow we leave this campground, that I have hardly seen.. in Adairsville, Ga..
We head to Nashville.
This will be our first time. any suggestions of what we should see or do?

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