Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chilly, windy beachcombing …


The last few days have been chilly with rain on and off during the day..

Unseasonably chilly weather for this area in South Carolina.

 Hunting Island_031

We had to bundle up ..

Down coat, hat, gloves..

When we did we were warm and ready to..

Follow the foam…

 Hunting Island_033

Out to the north end of the island..

Hunting Island_032

The flock of Red Knot are still present the past three evenings..

Hunting Island_004

feeding at the edge of the surf..

Hunting Island_018The ever present Sanderlings..

darting around…catching dinner..

Hunting Island_039I went out into the wind and chill last night on my own..

Jeff stayed back at camp to catch a few Zzs..

Hunting Island_037I had a mission..

Not just to look at the birds..

Hunting Island_048Or the incoming tide..

Which is pretty incredible by the way…

The beach becomes much smaller at high tide here..

Hunting Island_038My mission is to search for shark teeth..

My new obsession..

Hunting Island _028

I discovered that high tide is not such a great time to hunt for shark teeth.

Most of the areas I search were covered with water..

Hunting Island_050

I had much better luck at low or incoming high…

Hunting Island_051I did see a few stranded jellies..

morn walk_003A bright pink ocean plant..

Hunting Island_057Here are a few teeth I found a few days ago..

Do you see it?

morn walk_006

morn walk_007Here is another one..

This is what I first see….

morn walk_017

I look for the Y shape..

morn walk_018This is a rather nice tooth..

I found two this same shape..

morn walk_010Luckily I found one special tooth before peak high tide yesterday..

I have not yet Identified the teeth I have collected, though I suspect I have a few Sand tiger shark teeth.

I think the one below looks like an Extinct White shark tooth..

Hunting Island_029

I didn’t have much luck after finding the above tooth..

The tide pretty much covered most of the beach..

Hunting Island_053We extended our stay here by one day..

I will continue my search between raindrops....


Hunting Island_055


morn walk_015


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  1. The first tooth you have picture is a Lemon Shark Tooth, than the Sand Shark as you mentioned and the last one is a Bull Shark Tooth.
    Nice finds!!


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