Friday, February 17, 2012

Canoeing “The Chaz” Chassahowitzka River

Howdee all,

On Valentines day, Jeff and I rented a canoe and toured parts of the Chassahowitzka River.

Here is the link for a few paddling loops from the campground.

We did The Springs Loop.

7 miles RT

Bring a map~and a GPS if you have it (we didn’t use ours)

Print out the directions from this link~you will need them!

Rated Moderate~we felt it was easy.

I am going to highlight my favorite springs in the Loop.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_036We first went to Blue Springs..

Chassahowitza River canoeing_045Water is very clear in most of the river..

I think these fish are Mullet.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_052On our way to The Crack..

We had to get out of the canoe and pull it for a while..

Chassahowitza River canoeing_055

Until it couldn’t be pulled any longer…

Chassahowitza River canoeing_062

We then proceeded of foot a short distance to The Crack.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_071“The Crack is a jagged crevice about 30 feet long. The clear, oval shaped pool is less than one foot deep and surrounded by forest.”

Chassahowitza River canoeing_075See the small fish in the pool?

We stayed here a short time enjoying the blue water…

Chassahowitza River canoeing_089

then retraced our steps out to the stream

Chassahowitza River canoeing_096

Onto the next spring.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_111

I think my sickstas would probably like to have that plant growing on the dead tree..

Am I right?

Chassahowitza River canoeing_130It was a beautiful day for canoeing..

There were what seemed like tens of thousands of Robins in all of the side streams we went into.. Cedar waxwings mixed in.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_133

We saw an assortment of Herons and Egrets.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_153In the photo below are two Tri-colored and a juvie Little Blue Heron

Chassahowitza River canoeing_155Oh look~my baby camera captured a flying bird!

Canoeing down the Chassahowitza River_029

Brown Pelican preening..

Canoeing down the Chassahowitza River_033See that blob at the top of the photo?

Manatee! We saw several this day.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_159

Crab Creek Springs..

A Beautiful Home…I think their only access to this home is by boat.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_167The Spring


Chassahowitza River canoeing_168

We circled around the area and found a few other spring vents.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_184There were three spring vents.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_186Deep holes in the rock..

Chassahowitza River canoeing_189

This vent is heart shaped :)

Chassahowitza River canoeing_199Mottled Duck hanging out near the spring.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_215

We then left Crab Creek Springs and paddled to

Unnamed spring

Chassahowitza River canoeing_225This spring has several vent areas..that are connected by caves.

Sadlly, several people have lost their lives here swimming in these caves.

Chassahowitza River canoeing_227Time to head back..

Chassahowitza River canoeing_240Past the first spring near the campground..

Chassahowitza River canoeing_246Our resident GBH greets us…

Chassahowitza River canoeing_251A Great day on the river!

Chassahowitza River canoeing_252


  1. We have seen a TV programme on these caves recently Dawn, why do stupid people attempt to swim in such places.

  2. Oh my.... this looks like so much fun! Great post!

  3. What a lovely place! I want to go. . . Gorgeous photos too!

  4. What a great trip! Gonna have to give it a go!

  5. I'm sure glad you were doing the paddling. My arms are sore. ;)

    Love those blue water springs and all the surrounding green. Great way to spend Valentine's Day.

  6. Are there any alligators in that river. I would have been afraid to walk in the water. Would have love to had seen the manatees though!

  7. How cool! You got to see a great deal of critters.

  8. Hi Dawn, what a great place for canoeing. The place is just beautiful. And very cool to see the manatees, love the birds too. No gators? Great photos and I enjoyed the canoe ride.

  9. Ummm....A mullet and a crack are what the plumber usually shows. ;) Great adventures! Nice shots of the mottled ducks. I've yet to get a good photo.

  10. Dawn, this looks glorious! What wonderful color in your photos! OH, and you won't find me swimming in any caves, or alligator or crocodile infested waters either! But I do love to canoe!

  11. Roy~
    I cant understand why people swim these caves. I think they are young kids and don't consider the consequences.

    It was great fun and so beautiful~

    Put this place on your wish list!!

    it was an awesome place! put it on your list!

    Happy to paddle for you any time!!

    diane-j-m ~
    There are gators! Not to worry though..they stay far away.

    Steve Borichevsky ~
    Yeah..its such a cool place with lots of critters to see. :P)

    eileeninmd ~
    There were gators..I didnt get any shots though.

    John (Tucker)
    Hee plumbers here!

    Thanks Kathie~the colors were amazing! No gator swimming for me either!!!


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