Sunday, February 12, 2012

The local GBH and way to many photos..

Howdee all,

We have a resident Great Blue Herons here on Chassahowitzka River hangs out on the dock .
Its nesting with its mate in a nearby tree.

This one likes to hang out and grab a free bite or two from the local fisherman.

Chassahowitzka River  area_004This GBH is used to people..

The boat engine doesn’t phase him.

Chassahowitzka River  area_010Just waiting patiently for a handout..or perhaps it will out fish the fisherman.

Chassahowitzka River  area_012Oops…too many lures end up here..

Chassahowitzka River  area_011I know I have way to many photos here..Chassahowitzka River  area_009Truth is I had many more..

Chassahowitzka River  area_019Ha..

Chassahowitzka River  area_018Chassahowitzka River  area_020Your lucky I took out a few..

Chassahowitzka River  area_022So bear with me and go thru them fast..hee hee

Chassahowitzka River  area_026Chassahowitzka River  area_027My pictures would be better if I had a DSLR..

Chassahowitzka River  area_029I look at all my photographer friends photos and I am amazed at what they can capture…that I cant.

Chassahowitzka River  area_034Of course it takes more than a good camera..

It takes artistic talent.

There are some AMAZING photographers out there…

Just check out JPG: People: Dennis Blauer~Dennis is one of the Management team here at the Campground.

Chassahowitzka River  area_040

I know I will never be Amazing..but..

I like to think I have a little artistic talent…..but mostly I think I get lucky..

One photo out of 100 has to be good..hee hee.

Chassahowitzka River  area_041


I never did see this fella get a fish..

Chassahowitzka River  area_042


  1. Love the photos and the story Dawn! I can't get close to Great Blues here in Utah but I have tons of images of them from Florida

  2. Good pics - I think that heron is used to posing just there for you guys.

  3. Birds are so tame in Florida..I have way to many photos of several birds I can't get close to on LI..Relaxed FL vibe? Clever & fun post as usual!

  4. Dawn, that's not too many! Besides, its so easy when your subject stands there and poses for you!

  5. I have to respectfully disagree regarding the DSLR. I have both a Canon 7D and a Canon sx40 and more and more I find myself grabbing the sx40. It seems that if I want to shoot with the 7D, it takes more planning, especially regarding the lens I will be using. Many times I've gone out shooting, only to find I have the wrong lens! The one REAL advantage of the 7D is the speed, if you're shooting birds in flight it really can't be beat.

    If you're thinking a new camera, take a look at the sx40. Very sharp pictures and an incredibly sharp and stable 35x optical zoom, all under $400.

    That said, you're an excellent photographer, and no matter what camera you use, your pictures always reflect that, it can't be bought.

    And finally, I understand ALWAYS wanting a new camera, if I were independently wealthy, I'd have a million.

  6. What a great series of GBH shots. But I know what you mean about the DSLRs.

  7. There is no such thing as too many photos of a Great Blue Heron! My favorite bird of all time photographs beautifully!

  8. I never tire at looking at photographs of Great Blue Herons. They are stunning birds! I'm always so surprised at how tame the Great Blue Herons are down in Florida. It is nice to get a close up view every once in a while. Great Blue Herons are one of my favorite birds to photograph. Your images are terrific, Dawn!

  9. Thanks friends for your comments! Always appreciated!

    Mia McPherson .
    Yeah~ they tend to get used to people here..Its their Hood!

    That Heron is there pretty much all day..doing its own fishing and looking for handouts~its nesting nearby. It loves to pose!

    Yeah..its the vibe..ha..It is nice being able to get so close to photograph..the only way I can do it with my point and shoot.

    Kathiesbirds sure was a poser! I will give your more pictures next time..hee hee

    That SX 40 sounds great! Damn~I bought a Canon 20x a few years back..they keep getting better and better. I am looking for they day when all I have to do is focus my eyes on a subject and click a button and it captures what i want it too..ha..year 3000 :) I really dont want a DSLR I dont want to lug lots of gear around.

    Thanks Gaeyln~I do love photos taken by DSLRs..I just dont want to lug all the stuff around..and I know if i got one I would want one of those long heavy lenses.

    Susan W.
    Yes~i suppose you are right..never to many photos.. :)

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie!


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