Monday, February 20, 2012

Merrit Island NWR ~Black Point Drive

Howdee all,

We are now in Titusville for a week of service appointments for Homey.

While our Home is being worked on.

We go check out the birds.

Thursday we went to Merritt Island NWR and drove

Black Point Drive

Merritt Island-black point drive_043It was a beautiful, warm sunny day.

Our first stop~

We saw 8 Reddish Egrets..The most I have seen at one time…all in the same area.

Very cool.

Most were too far to photograph with my baby camera.

Black point drive_022There were many White Ibis

I was lucky to capture this fella flying over.

Merritt Island-black point drive_017A small pond of Ibis

Merritt Island-black point drive_011See the little islands in this photo below

Merritt Island-black point drive_042Duck Islands..

Merritt Island-black point drive_029

Rest stops..

Black point drive_078


For ducks..

Black point drive_075There were Northern Shovelers , Pintails, Blue winged Teal

Black point drive_079

Round balls resting

Black point drive_090Driving a bit further..

Merritt Island-black point drive_048There were shorebirds~

American Avocet,,,walking by the sleepy shorebirds.

Merritt Island-black point drive_023

Resting Dunlin..

Black point drive_028

Naptime for shorebirds..

Black point drive_029

Northern Pintail

Black point drive_060

Beautiful Male Northern Pintail

Black point drive_086

Tri-colored Heron

Black point drive_095

If it wasn’t for another birder~I would have walked right by this

River Otter


Black point drive_103American Avocet near the duck islands

Black point drive_137

Merritt Island-black point drive_056Black point drive_171

Scaup ~Jeff says Lesser Scaup

Black point drive_198

Northern Shovelers and

Black point drive_201Blue~winged Teal..Naptime

Black point drive_219Black point drive_216Beautiful scenery.

Merritt Island-black point drive_058Merritt Island-black point drive_059

White roads and Palm trees..

Black point drive_210I really liked the grays of the dried palm frond ends..

Black point drive_227And the structural design

Black point drive_229Berries

Black point drive_230

We had a super day!

Black point drive_207

Jeff and I are in Titusville a few more days while Homey is having some repairs done.

Our internet has been spotty and we go to a Café so that I can post to my blog.

We have started weekend Internet black outs. Also, will  do weekday black outs between 9-6.  I find that its too easy to turn to the web to read.  I want to take the time to read more books.

I just finished reading The Girl who kicked the hornets nest.

Any suggestions for a good read?


  1. Beautiful, Dawn. I could smell the salt air... mmmm. Love the otter photo.

    Book? Just finished "Running the Rift," was very good. If you like mysteries, have you read Susan Hill's Simon Serrailler series? British DIC, quite good! (1st book is "Various Haunts of Men."

  2. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life on the road. I love your shares!

  3. Great place to play the day away while birding. Internet blackout is a good idea. I should try this. Maybe.

  4. Dawn, awesome collection of birds. What a great place for birding. Neat seeing the Reddish Egrets, I would love to add them to my life list. Wonderful photos and post.

  5. I feel a little guilty peeping on those Ibis while they bathe. :P

  6. Oh I wish I were in Titusville with you! We had such a fun time there. :-) You have some wonderful photos in this post. . . Have you read The Hunger Games? It's young adult fiction, but I thought it was wonderful! There are two subsequent books as well.

  7. look at all those beautiful avocet!~ Great post and pictures Dawn

  8. Dawn, what a great place! I love your pics and I wish I could have seen all those birds and counted them for us both! Good for you to take an internet break! I try to do that sometimes also. I have been trying to read more and get out hiking more. I need to keep this old body in some sort of shape!

    I recently read a book I loved called "Half Broke Horses." It's not what it sounds lie. It is a memoir of a woman growing up in the early 20th century around Texas and AZ. It's a true life novel written by the grand-daughter of the main character, and boy what a character she was! Oh, another book I loved was called, "To See every Bird on Earth." This is also a true story and it is what it sounds like, sort of. It is written by the man's son and it's about his father and his father's obsession with listing. Very good. One more, but it is very different and more on the philosophical side. It is called "The Elegance of the Hedgehog." Google it to see if it interests you. Love you!

  9. Awesome bird pics and shots of the road. Wonderful post as always. I feel like I'm there :)

  10. Lovely scenes and some fantastic group shots of birds Dawn. The Pintail is really good.

  11. Next time we am in Florida, I think we must take a day trip to Merrit Island NWR. Many of my blogging friends visit the area and I am in awe of the wildlife and beauty. All of your photographs are fantastic, Dawn! Love the little otter! I don't know what I would do with myself if I saw all those gorgeous avocets together. Beautiful ducks, lovely waders and stunning birds! Awesome post!

  12. Oops, when leaving the last comment I forgot to mention two book I recently enjoyed reading.

    Unbroken - Laura Hillenbrand
    An invisible Thread - Laura Schroff

    Happy reading ... and birding!

  13. Lovely! I was there on Saturday and saw a lot of the same birds. Nice captures!

  14. That is the most amazing series of photographs I have seen in quite some time.

  15. Hey Thanks all of you! I really appreciate you kind comments! I wish you were all here with us! Its so much fun watching these beautiful birds!!!

    Thanks so much for your
    Great Book selections too!

    You all Rock!!


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